What I love and what gets on my nerves


It’s been a long time since I did some fun lists. This is the perfect time, since if I don’t do a little throwaway post like this, I’ll end up writing about the #1 thing that has been on my mind (it’s a family thing) and there’s no need to get into all of THAT here on the blog. Not right now.


* Cashews. (No surprise there! They’re still soooo good.)

* The album “Some Nights” by .fun

* The Island of Doctor Moreau. It was one of the free downloads on Amazon and I started reading it yesterday fully expecting to get bored and give up on it, like I do with most classic novels, but I ended up staying up late reading it last night. Cool! Anything with animals and freaky-ass science experiments always pulls me in. I’m surprised I haven’t read this book yet. I saw the terrible movie with Marlon Brando years ago, but fortunately I forgot almost everything about it. (I only remember Marlon Brando having a tiny Mini-Me person, mostly because South Park mocked it… and that at one point, MB put a bucket on his head.)

* When Gremlin is rolling around happily on my bed, being all goofy and affectionate, and he inevitably rolls right off the bed. I think he is doing it on purpose now, because seriously dude: How many times do you have to roll off the goddamned bed before you realize you shouldn’t be rolling right around at the edge like that? Oh, well. At least he’s cute.

* For the first time in years, I made my sister some birthday presents. It’s all possible because I cleaned out my office and organized all of my craft stuff. Now it’s a pleasure to go in there and find something. I “made” her a necklace (I put that in quotes b/c I only bought the chain, jumprings, pendant and closure and used pliers to put ’em all together… I don’t think it qualifies as true “making”– more like “assembling”) and put some adorable iron-ons on a T-shirt. It was nice to finally use some of the things I’ve purchased over the years and shoved away in the big, cluttered bins I had where all the craft/art stuff went to be forgotten. Sadly, the necklace I gave her? I had bought all of that stuff for last year’s birthday. But hey, at least it finally got done and now she has it. It feels good to “make” things.

* Fresh lemons. I love how they look, how they smell when I peel them, and how they taste in fresh juices. It’s so funny that very few juice recipes call for an entire lemon (or two)– I guess it’s too tart for most people?– but I’m always throwing a whole lemon in there just for one tall glass of juice. I really appreciate lemons now b/c the other day, I was making my green juice and realized I was out of lemons so I used a couple of oranges. UGH. Not so good. All citrus fruits are not created equal. That’s for damn sure.

* My Kindle. I’ve been using it much, much more than I even expected I might. I added one game on there, too (Falling Blocks) so I have something to do for times I might not want to devote my full attention to reading. It’s really a neat device. I still feel weirdly guilty, though, for not reading my paper books right now.

* When my friend K puts her son on the phone and he talks to me… I melt. He’s 3 now, and he told me the other day about drinking from a silly straw and he was just ridiculously adorable. “The juice goes round and around and around and mmmm, it’s GOOD!” I have such limited contact and experience with little kids, so these little tidbits are pretty awesome. I love the things that occur to him to talk about, and the stories K tells me. It’s neat to hear about his emerging personality. I love that stuff — the stuff you can’t predict regarding what a kid will be into as they get older.  

* The pomobasil sauce at Alessia’s Italian restaurant. We were there the other night for T’s birthday and even though we’ve been there before, we definitely don’t go there enough. Very few red sauces can compare to this stuff. It’s so fresh and light. Ooooh, I want some right now…!


* Photos of myself. UGH, I think I look awful anymore! I would be cool with someone submitting me to What Not to Wear because damn. I need a makeover or something. I look so schlumpy, chubby and plain. Something’s not right with my hair.

* My sprinklerheads in the grass out back. They’re only spraying a limited distance lately and I have a feeling I need to do some heavy labor to unclog all the sprinkler openings to remove hard water buildup. Nope, that won’t be fun.

* As the Prius shifts between electric and gas motors, it’s been lurching lately. Sometimes, it feels like I have the thing in neutral because I’ll floor the gas and the car remains sluggish and draggy. I probably need to take it in to make sure everything is OK, because I don’t think it was doing this when I bought it. At least I have the warranty. Whew.

* The word “kitty” or “kitties”… I don’t have kitties. I have CATS. I don’t know why I am bugged by “kitty” so much, but I am. Also, my guys are too cool for a girly-sounding word like kitties. They’re dudes. They’re cats. End of story.

* This one, I feel bad about because some of you use it, but I have to be honest: Furbabies. I just can’t do it. To me, it sounds silly… and also, I immediately picture human babies covered in thick, nasty-ass fur. Like wolfmen babies. Yeah, I can’t do it. Sorry. 😦

(…now that’s a furbaby.)

* The way my boss says the word “wolf.” He says “wuff.” Oh man, I totally want to tease him or shame him into saying it correctly! But that would be mean, so instead I’ll just blog about it.

* Sunshades for my car. I can’t find a friggin’ shade for my windshield that fits. I have bought two now, and both have been terrible disappointments. The first was too tiny. So I bought a “jumbo” sized one (another word I hate: JUMBO) and it fits, mostly, but it’s super floppy and is a pain in the ass to set up and fold up again. Who knew a Prius would be so difficult to find a shade for? The HHR also was impossible, because the windshield in that car was so incredibly small… but it wasn’t as bad with the HHR since the sun wasn’t coming in such a big surface area as it is on the Prius.

* I’m sad that I am not loving my car right now. I want to love it, and I do love a LOT about it, but something’s off. I can’t put my finger on it. I hope I didn’t make a mistake.

* Hand sanitizer. Normally, I am a fan of it. But the other day I had something in my eye and without thinking, I reached up to pull out the hair or eyelash and the sanitizer hadn’t dried all the way. Yeeeouch! Hey, it’s just a little annoyance, and one that occurred due to my own stupidity, but still. It bugged me.

Now, if I could only stop drinking the damn stuff to get buzzed…


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  1. *raises my hand in shame* I say kitties. So does hubby. To us they’re kitties, but they’re girls so it works for us. I have never ever said furbabies and never will. That is something that would bug me too.

  2. I think MOST cat owners say kitties. I’m in the minority here on this one, that’s true. “Kitties” just ain’t my thing, yo. NOW, I do admit to having a *very* obnoxious nickname for Simon… I call him LePussPuss in a French accent. No idea why I started doing that, but he answers to it. Verbally. He says, “Merkk.”

  3. Hmm…I have never heard of this FUN band that you speak of. Better check them out. Now…what the heck is a Furbaby? Yuck. Just makes me think of doing arts and crafts with hairballs. Gross.

    I like the words kitty and kitties and kitty cat. But then, my pride is predominantly female, with 5 of them outweighing the 2 powder puff boys. But you know what? Now that I think of it, I don’t think I ever use a kitty-variation word with Ty. I do on occasion with Xavier, but only because he’s still a baby. You’re right–once they’re full grown, the dudes be CATS.

    I think about you sometimes and what it’s like to live in a house full of boys. That’s never been my situation–I’ve always had at least 1 girl cat.

    You know what I hate? Capital One commercials starring Alec Baldwin. And politics! And zombies!!!

  4. OK that “furbaby” looks like the one we saw in Target all those years ago. Except it had a tiny gold chain around it’s hairy neck. Damn. You know, babies drown in pools all the time. It’s a fact, and an easy alibi.

  5. I … call the cats kitties. Kitty-babies, actually. And they’re boys. But the word “furbabies” is a little sad. I would never say that.

    Hee, Barry does that same thing where he rolls around and gets too excited and falls off of stuff. I have never seen a cat with such a shitty sense of balance. I was afraid to let him outside when we lived in a place with a deck. I can’t play with him when he’s on the basement stairs, because he’ll tumble right off the side. He’s sorry, he’s having too much fun! Like Rick James!

    Those pictures of Brando. OH LORD WHAT IS AIR. I was thinking it was just the way you were describing it, but no, it’s actually a little mangled mini-me. And he literally has a bucket on his head. WTF?

  6. I’m Rick James, bitch! F*ck yo couch. 😉

    Anyway, I am just about finished reading Dr. Moreau and at no point did Dr. Moreau put a bucket on his head. Nor did he have a creepy little clone that hung around. None of that happened in the book. Honestly, what is the movie industry smoking sometimes? Where do they come up with things like mini-mes and buckets? sigh.

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