When I am tired, I start singing. And I am not good at it.


It’s a strange, strange place in my brain these days. The good news is, it’s all happy stuff (or just goofy stuff) so I’m not all sullen and thinking dark thoughts or something. The bad news is, I can’t shut up.

I will just babble and babble to people… or to myself…

I think of the most random thing I can come up with and search YouTube to see if there’s a video for it. Most of the time, there is. I have been replying to friends’ status updates on FB with nonsensical comments. I have to drop everything and call my sister to tell her about running into (literally) a girl I call Big N’Sloppy and almost making her fall on the floor. Because, you know, that is the kind of news my sister can’t get through her day without. I type out the lyrics to a song I made up called “Zippy Longfellow” and email it to Kristen.

Today I’m in a particularly fun frame of mind because I haven’t been sleeping well for the past week or so, yes, but I have been in meetings ALL DAY. And only two of them were legitimate meetings. The others were meetings about meetings. I have only gotten two work-related emails out today. Good thing I’m not on deadline for something. But seriously guys, if you get called into meetings about meetings too much, you are going to be at a great risk for what the psychiatrists call “snapping.” I swear to god, something’s going to explode one of these days, and it’s probably going to be my head.

Also, I have been singing this. And I don’t even know all the words! (Just most of them.) He don’t plant taters. Get a little drunk, and you lands in jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiillllll.

A girl could blow her voicebox out on those low notes. And still, a girl keeps doing it. A girl can be a real moron sometimes. But at least a girl ain’t hurting no one yet.


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