This is my favorite time of year. I love the memories of going back to school… getting new school supplies, walking to the bus stop, laughing with my friends every day again, getting to nerd-out and be praised for it, anxiously looking forward to library day (and the Scholastic book fairs, but that goes without sayin’!) and savoring that first crisp, cool September day when you finally got to break out a sweater.

And then there’s Halloween, coming up fast! Months and months ago, my sister and I had a kick-ass idea for our Halloween party this year: we’d do a creepy circus theme.

We already have lots of ideas, and we brought our friend David into the mix to help with the planning because he’s artistic and really into throwing parties. I was all psyched about it UNTIL

The Writing Conference popped up, and suddenly my writing became my absolute top priority.

I’m kind of torn right now, because I committed to the Halloween party well before the Writing Conference, but I feel bad because I haven’t been as serious or inspired for the party as I had been before the book took off. I’m super excited about the Conference, of course, and I don’t regret working on my book. No, not at all. Instead I just wonder if there is a way I can multi-task and still be able to do an excellent job on both things. Probably. I mean, I can’t be revising and writing ALL the time. Maybe if I meet with my sister and David this week we can hash out some kind of plan and figure out who is doing what, and that will help. As it stands right now, the party-planning feels a wee bit overwhelming. Probably because I thought that by now, mid-September, we’d be underway with some of the projects/attractions for the party, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s just a Halloween party.

We wanted it to be kind of epic, though. That’s the point of all the planning. We’d love to get a huge crowd there if we can. (We’re doing it at my house, in my backyard, which I’m psyched about! I do all this work to keep my yard beautiful–might as well have a reason to USE it for once.)

This is going to be a most-intriguing fall season, I think.

I feel different. In a really good way. Like I’m stepping up to plate after years of being terrified of getting off the bench. And it’s not like I don’t know what I am doing– I’ve been practicing. I’m ready.

OK. Other things that I’ve been thinking about lately:

* I’m excited for my next paycheck, b/c I’ll see how much difference my paltry little raise will make. Little or not, a raise is still a raise, and I’m grateful to get it! I also can’t wait to see how my budget improves now that the cable bill will be gone.

* The new fall season of TV starts soon. I’m excited for The New Girl, Once Upon a Time, Parks and Recreation, Fringe and, of course, The Walking Dead. I think I’ll only make time to watch the Sunday shows when they air. Everything else I’ll either catch it when they air, or I’ll use Hulu. I think the new episodes are up there about a day after they air. The loss of the DVR isn’t so terrible…yet. Heh.

* I’ve been back to juicing for a week now, and I have lost 2.5 pounds already. Aww yeah! (I’m only juicing once or twice a day… twice if you count my breakfast smoothie, which I do, because there’s only fruit and flax seed in that thing.) And it’s been cooler the past few days, so I’m back to walking the dogs each night. I’m not the only heavy one out there–my boys are little porkers and the exercise is doing them good so far, too. Their stamina is better all the time. I’m finally being a good dog mama again. Summer in AZ really makes a person feel DEAD. Now that it’s coming to an end… look out! Everyone is waking up around here, finally. I’ve been seeing more people out walking already.

* I want to go see The Words. I feel a little bad I didn’t make time to go this past weekend and support it… especially after reading headlines yesterday morning about how this was the worst box office weekend in decades!

But… it’s even got a Lady & the Tramp style dinner scene! How could this not be a runaway hit?!

Figures that this is when Ben Barnes’ new movie comes out. I kinda have to laugh, because of course that’s the way it would go. That guy, man… he can’t seem to be in a hit movie for some reason. I’m all excited to see him in a movie, in the theater, and have that movie not be a Narnia movie. It drives me nuts that no one sees his other movies since they mostly go straight to DVD in the United States. And then, none of my friends seem to want to watch the movies, so I feel kinda lonely in my crushing.

Why can’t I be all drooling over a mainstream guy? Why do I find the Channing Tatums of the world so incredibly boring? Oh, whatever. Who cares! I have fun on my own, anyway, when it comes down to it.

So very, very unattractive. What an ugly movie this looks like. 😉

* Speaking of hot guys, I sincerely hope that Chehon wins So You Think You Can Dance this week. I always thought he was the hottest of the guys this season, but then I recently had an inappropriate dream with him in it, and now I’m all oooooh, OK. Yeah. That’ll work.




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  1. It’s because you like men with soul and not just a body. You have depth!! 🙂

    Had a brilliant idea…We could come to AZ for your Halloween party since it falls on our days off this year! Unless your Halloween party is going to be the weekend before Halloween…which would make more sense. Okay, maybe my brilliant idea is not so brilliant. 😦

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