Writer-nerd alert!


DUDE! I’m feeling so great right now, because I have just mapped out how I am going to revise the middle section of my book!

It’s not that extensive, really. I won’t need to write a whole lot of new stuff. Just rephrase things, move scenes around, take things out…

The reason it’s so exciting is because I believe these changes will close up the plot holes that have been bugging me for awhile now. I had tried to work around them, but now that the whole thing’s done, I’ve been able to finally step back and fix things. It sure helps seeing the whole picture!

One thing: it’s scary to delete sections and cut whole characters! I started doing it on Wednesday night from the beginning, and I felt weirdly sick about hitting that delete button. (But honestly, it’s easier when I realize I do have multiple copies of ALL of the versions of this book, in one place or another. I’m not really losing anything forever here. It just freaks me out, in the moment.)

But now this whole process feels amazing and fun. It reminds me of how I felt the day I got my haircut. Lighter, neater, more attractive. My book’s lighter, neater and–most important–TIGHTER. My hope is it will also be a compelling read for the readers, too!

Also, in the midst of all this revising and editing, I am also beginning to figure out what book THREE would be about.


This is officially a series, yo!

It’s almost as awesome as some spider monkeys riding a capybara! KICK ASS!!



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