Fighting the “do nothing” urge


Every now and then, a small task can feel like a huge accomplishment when you finally finish it. I feel accomplished, because last night I finally organized my kitchen’s junk drawer. Huzzah!

I know, I know. It’s a BIG deal.

I threw a lot of crap away, but mostly just sorted everything neatly into little baskets and an old bowl that fit in the drawer. Afterwards, I think I opened the drawer and admired the neatness no less than 5 times before I went to bed. And I looked at it again this morning before going to work, too. (Only once, though. I was running late.)

It’s so funny how proud I feel. It’s funny because I have been accomplishing so little in my personal life these days, so when I do finish something, it’s like woo-hoo, see? I’m not so lazy, after all!

I had a great idea but it requires $99. Plus tax. My idea is to take my beloved armchair out of the living room and replace it with a stationary bicycle. If I want to watch TV, I’ll have to watch it on the bike. I tend to flop down into that chair after work and keep on returning to it all night long. I slouch in that chair, too, since the cushions are getting flat and worn-out. And when I slouch, Gremlin continuously hops up onto my lap and kneads my fat belly. It’s not just that his claws hurt a little, and create tiny holes in my clothes… it’s the humiliation of having my cat bring my pot belly to my attention that bugs me the most! He never used to do this. But he’s been doing it ever since I became a lazy slug at night after work, almost every night.

What am I doing in that chair? Not just watching TV or movies. No, it’s the laptop that is my biggest time-suck. I sit there and play around online for hours. After sitting all day at work, for hours! WTF is the matter with me?

There’s no reason to spend as much time on Pinterest as I do. Or reading different news sites, almost obsessively, to always know the latest news. It’s stupid. I realize that. It’s just been too easy to do this, that’s the problem. What I have to do now is make it more of a hassle to sit and be a slug.

First thing: Move the laptop out of the living room. Throw away the shitty old laptop table that’s now somewhat unsteady thanks to years of use (and cats using it as a launching pad to jump across the room).

Re-arrange the furniture to break up the routine feel of the room. This is where I’d really loooooove to do the stationary bike thing. I won’t throw away the arm chair. I’ll just put it in the corner of my dining room, where it won’t be facing the TV. In fact, it’ll probably look nice in there if I set it up with the floor lamp to make it a little reading-area.

Sure, there’s always my couch, if I want to sit and watch something. But for whatever reason, the couch has never had the lure of the comfy armchair for me.

I just want to be more productive at night, you know? I want to clean and organize the house more frequently. I want to do a couple of paintings, and a couple of embroidery projects I’ve had in mind for awhile now. I want to finish my to-do list for the house (paint touch-ups, revamping my pantry so it’s more functional, etc) and use my Wii. Funny that I see playing video games as an activity, but I do, because I never, ever, use that thing for games. I own two games, and one of them is Just Dance. It sounds fun and I thought it could be a good way to get moving. I bought it in May, and have yet to play it once. This is so lame.

The other idea is to bring my treadmill out of the office and into the area between my dining room and living room (next to the place where my armchair is now). That way, I can walk on it when I watch TV. I’d do this because it won’t cost me any money to just move the one piece of exercise equipment from one room to another. However, I have never liked the idea of an ugly treadmill plopped down in the middle of the house like that. At least if I bought the exercise bike I have pinpointed as the one I want, it’s smaller and much more portable. I could move it out of there if I have people over or something. Moving the treadmill, however, will be nothing short of a grueling endeavor. I don’t have one of those folding models or anything, either. It’s a full-out standard treadmill.

Overall, I will work to make my comfortable routine that I’ve settled into a LOT less comfortable. I need to make even my relaxation time a little more challenging! I have to do this. If I keep going this way, I’ll be more unhealthy and overweight and my clothes will ALL have holes over the belly area from Gremlin.

If for no other reason, I’ve got to do this for my clothes’ sake!


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  1. Did you get the car payment mess sorted out yet?

    What about looking for used bicycles on Craig’s List or your local Freecycle site? I bet somebody somewhere has one they’re dying to get rid of for free, you just have to go get it!

  2. The car payment mess is *almost* sorted out. I did get the billing problem itself taken care of (so beginning August 15th I will only get billed ONCE, as it should be) but I’m still waiting for the $575 to go back into my bank account. They said it would take a few business days. I keep checking my account constantly! It’s really not cool to be down an amount of money like that. Oy.

    Yes, I do need to try those sites. I got my treadmill on Craigslist, after all! Good idea.

  3. I love organizing and I too feel all accomplished when I am done. Bravo!

    I like the idea of moving the chair out of the living room. I wish I had roo to do that myself. Maybe I could put a stationary bike in our bedroom. I have more room in there believe it or not.

    Just dance is so much fun! I ahve it too and you just reminded me I should be doing that for exercise too!

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