Monsoon rains, promising winds of change…


I feel quite happy right now. This has been an exceptionally good, peaceful weekend. First we had lots of rain yesterday, which dropped the temperature down to an incredible 79 degrees! My sister and I got pedicures and waited out the rain storm–which was more like a true monsoon storm than anything else– by wandering around a shopping center and getting soft serve ice cream.

Today, it was still cool out in the morning so I was able to open all the windows and turn off the A/C for awhile. Ahhhh! I called my Mom and we went to the movies. We saw “Brave,” which was absolutely adorable and well done. I highly recommend it! I also recommend not reading much about it beforehand, because that’s what I did in this case and it totally helped make the movie feel more magical and the story unexpectedly touching. Plus it is gorgeous. My Mom just kept gasping quietly and leaning over to whisper, “Oh, it’s that beautiful? Amazing!” at many of the scenes. She doesn’t go to the movies very much at all–like once a year– so she just gets into it and appreciates the experience. I love that.

After the movie, Mom and I went to dinner. And that’s when the best part of my weekend happened:

Mom: “I could kick myself for selling the condo on Middlewood sometimes.” (That was in NJ before we all moved to AZ)

Me: “Yeah? Why? Do you wish you could move back to NJ?”

Mom: (Nods empathetically) “Oh, yeah. I mean, my friends are all there, ya know? I like the winters out here, but the summers are getting to be intolerable.”

Because she said this, I was finally able to tell my Mom about the plan to move away. Finally. I haven’t wanted to say anything to her b/c she usually talks about how much she loves living in AZ and in the past, when I’ve mentioned moving back to NJ, she’s been kind of discouraging about it. She hates the NJ winters so much, and she talks about how expensive it is back there. But to hear her talk today and be so positive about my plan was just… the best!

I told her NJ is my first choice, because yeah, I would love to live near my friends and family again so much. I mentioned Oregon, too, and she was even interested in that option. She mentioned Seattle, actually, and said she’d heard how beautiful it is there. I made her laugh by saying, “But Mom, if you move there, you’ll never sleep again. Never. You’ll be sleepless,” and she took a minute before getting my lame joke. (She loves that movie.)

Overall, I’m just feeling so much lighter and excited to have it out in the open and to know she is completely on-board for this when it happens. She wants to split the moving costs (one van) and would be interested in either rooming with me for awhile until we both get on our feet back there, or if we definitely go back to NJ, approaching her old best friend about renting the mother-in-law suite in her house, which has been sitting empty for a couple years now. Wow! That would be amazing if it worked out.

Next, I have to talk to my Dad about it. It would help if he knew, because he might be able to scope out a few rentals in the area once it gets closer to the time I move. (I’m still thinking early June 2013 at the moment.) That 1851 house is still for sale, by the way. The price dropped another $3K this past week. Yeah, I’ll admit I am a little obsessed with that particular house. I don’t want to buy–I want to rent, and not have homeowner responsibilities anymore! But damn, rentals are not as plentiful out there as they are in AZ for one thing, and the monthly rental rates are much more than a mortgage payment would be. Yeeesh. I don’t know what will happen yet! But I love it. I’m excited about the unknown!

Well, I’m off to wash all my fruits and veggies for this week (the first part of the week, anyway) and get to bed soon. I’ve been staying up way too late, researching real estate (rentals) and the job markets around NJ and, yeah, Oregon a little bit. I have to quit daydreaming and get things done in the now, of course. It’s just been lots of fun to let myself get excited about the possibilities. I’m very optimistic that by this time next year, I’ll be in a different state, feeling all keyed up and nervous about having just moved and trying to get settled somewhere completely different. It will be sweet.


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