Got a lot of problems with you people


You know how sometimes PEOPLE just get on your nerves in a big way? I’m talking about a lot of people. Not just one person. And the other part of this is… you know you’re consciously letting little annoyances have more of your attention than you need to give them. You know you’re being ridiculous. But for whatever reason, some days it just feels good to be a bastard.

I’m having a bastard day.

Fortunately, I really don’t think this way every day. I’m pretty optimistic and caring, in general. But there are times when I just look around and I can’t help but get all twitchy and say, “Oh. My. Holy. Fuck” to myself multiple times.

Little things are getting on my nerves so much. People who post photos of their tattoos underway on FB; especially when the tattoos are terrible. People who overload on posting those Willy Wonka memes all over the place. Listening to one particularly grating co-worker on the phone. Watching this same co-worker earnestly take notes during a mandatory work training class this afternoon. (It wasn’t the kind of class that required notes. It was on the topic of ‘coping with change’ and everyone else was just listening, thinking and talking about the topic. Not this person, noooo. I can’t explain why I care. It just annoyed me.)

There are dozens of other people-problems on my mind, too. But I wouldn’t blog about them because a handful of them involve people I know. Word could get back to ’em. Best keep those things in my head and in my head, only.

But yeah. My point is, it’s just one of those days where I feel like the majority of people I see or interact with are just idiots or jerks. I think of what a stupid species we really are, in general. Myself included. I just dragged a coworker with me to Dunkin’ Donuts because I “needed” a donut and an iced tea. I’m a stupid consumer, eating bad stuff and dragging someone else down the bad path as I go. Wonderful.

Don’t ask me why I am so drawn to post-apocalytpic stories so much, but I am. I just love the idea that most of the idiots have been killed off and it’s up to a small group of people to be intelligent and problem-solve to stay alive against the odds. When I am around people who can’t function without their Dunkin’ Donuts and episodes of “The Bachelor” more often than not, my mind eventually goes to this thought: “This person would NOT survive an apocalypse.” (And yes, I am not entirely sure I would be among the survivors myself.)

I also see unnecessary plastic mass-produced shit and immediately picture it being carted off to a landfill, where it will sit for thousands of years and future societies might find it and think “wow, what a bunch of assholes these people were.” My sister and I sometimes walk through stores and comment on the most idiotic products and say, “Landfill.” Think about it. How many Jimmy Buffett Margarita Machines will be here long after we are all dead? What about all those Dora the Explorer backpacks, promotional company pens and the flourescent green Nike basketball sneakers? Oh, it’ll be all sitting there in the landfill even as the sun begins to die and the Earth is consumed in a fiery ball. You can bet on it.

I constantly think of The End Times. I just do. I don’t for a second believe in any Mayan prophecies or 4 horsemen and plagues of locusts, but I do think we’ll do ourselves in just fine somehow. Whether it really is a zombie virus, or global nuclear war or the complete disregard for the environment, one way or another, this shit’s all going to end one day. Because we are morons.

Yeah. I got a lot of problems with you people. My people. Us HUMANS.

So, who wants a really crappy margarita?!?! It’s 5’O CLOCK SOMEWHERE, am I right or am I right???? Hoooo boy.



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  1. I have those days when I just hate everyone and I wonder how we surivive amognst the supreme stupidity. Today actually is one of those days. I hate people. But I’m also hungry. 🙂

    I try not to think about all the plastic junk in landfills. It depresses me so much. I do my part and recycle but I know it is not enough.

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