1851 Dream House


Oh my god, you guys.

If I had the means, I would buy this house in a heartbeat! It’s in my price range, too.  ‘Course, it would mean moving to NJ and being in a beautiful historic neighborhood near the bay, just a couple miles from my Dad… what a hardship it would be.

It’s a Greek-revival, all-brick, 5-bedroom house built in 1851. LOOK AT THIS SHIT. It makes me want to puke!!







Can you believe that crown moulding, and the curved doorways? They said in the listing this house has the original doors and hardware. I’m serious, when I saw this house I actually felt that sensation of my heart skipping a beat. I felt nauseous and hairs stood up on my arms!!! Why? Because this is pretty much my dream house. I absolutely flippin’ love super old houses, brick, porches like that, and that kitchen could not be prettier! (I don’t need 5 bedrooms, but I could easily let some trusted family member or two live with me…)

Plus, I bet this house is haunted as hell!!! I wonder who that dude is in the old photo over the fireplace? It would be a blast to dig into the history of a place like this. See who lived there over the years, find out stories about the people and the house… ahh!

I do well in haunted houses!

I wish I could just drop everything, and go to NJ with a stack of money.


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  1. Oh my God! I love it!! There’s a frickin’ FIREPLACE in the KITCHEN!!!!! This is why I can’t wait to move back east. The houses there have such character and life to them. Not like the cookie cutter crap here in Vegas. And the crown moulding, SWOON!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the porch and it looks like it has 3 floors with a finished basement. So beautiful! (Can you tell I am a HGTV addict and love looking at houses?)

  2. Awesome!!! That would be my dream house too!!!! We are constantly looking at houses back east and dreaming about when we can move back.

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