The junk drawer of blog posts


A bunch of little things, rather than going into detail on one big thing:

* I completely cleaned up my home office over the past week; I got rid of all the boxes and junk that I’d let pile up forEVER and even broke open the big bin of arts and crafts stuff and sorted it all into neat, clearly-labeled boxes and smaller bins. Now, if I have the urge to paint something, or embroider a shirt, it’ll be so easy to just do it without digging through a huge mess, all jumbled together. I also hung curtains in my closet (I had the doors removed when I bought the house) and it looks totally cute now, because there are shelves and all the labeled boxes in there. I took “before” photos of the mess that room used to be, and just need to snap a few “after” photos. I did that for myself, my own motivation, so I would keep on working and get the whole room finished once and for all.

* I had my car windows tinted yesterday. It’s incredible what a difference it really does make. I already noticed my A/C doesn’t work as hard to get the car cooled down when I first get in, since it cools off so much faster now. Plus, a black car with sleek, dark windows? So freakin’ slick. I have one of those cars now. All sophisticated an’ shit.

* Tonight I am going to a party. I will only know a few people there, really, but this is all part of my plan to get out of my comfort zone and start venturing out into the world a bit more again. It’s way too easy to stay home alone or do my own thing, alone. I’m ready to give this a real, honest attempt.

* Tomorrow, my sister and I are going up north to hike our favorite trail in the world, the West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon! It’s going to be so cool up there, so beautiful and peaceful. I cannot wait to get out of the city and be in the middle of nature again, even if it is only for a few hours. It has been much too long since I have done this.

* I have the best work friends ever. This morning, R decorated my cubicle in a specific theme and M made some cupcakes to celebrate my birthday. I took some photos on my phone, but this work computer doesn’t have the latest Adobe Flash updates so I can’t download them from the T-Mobile site here. I definitely think that explaining the theme without photos won’t really work. So I’ll do another post on it. I loved it so much, though. I love that my friends know me and play into my sense of humor. Even better is the whole thing perplexed a couple of older, humorless women in the office so far today. Heh.

* Moose now has three tricks down. He can sit, spin, and stand on his hind legs on command. It’s adorable as hell. Good god. That dog is cute. Every night he sleeps with me, curled up right against me. In the morning I have a hard time getting out of bed b/c he somehow moves into my arms overnight, so I have him up against my chest like a teddy bear when I wake up. Then Gremlin is there, too, either curled up against my head or plopped down right up against Moose, purring and rubbing his face on the blankets, my hands, Moose’s head, etc. all in an attempt to increase his adorableness-quotient exponentially until my heart explodes. AND then, Hurley usually hops up once he knows I am awake and proceeds to lick my face almost violently, tail wagging and face smiling. You might wonder where Simon usually is in all of this… well, he’s around. He’s just not big on “group hugs.” He prefers one on one time with me, on his own, where he can talk and get me to brush his back. 🙂

* I’m so gunshy when it comes to pulling the money trigger to get major house work done. I mean, I definitely need to get the exterior painted… it’s a matter of preservation and not just aesthetics and style; the wood is exposed and drying out the longer it bakes like that in the sun… but damn, I totally don’t want to lay the money out to do it. It could be almost $1,000 to do that. Yeeesh. I also need to get blinds in two of my west-facing windows (yes– west-facing windows in Mesa, AZ, where the sun beats directly on that side of the house all afternoon long) and I keep putting it off. Each blind will cost about $150 or so, and I would like to get them installed rather than me trying to do it myself. (I did that on the last two windows and it was a disaster, since the windowframes are brick, sheetrock AND metal, and it was impossible to find anchors that would not only go in but stay in… and on the second window, I ended up giving up and securing one corner of the blinds with Gorilla Glue. It worked, but it’s hardly the right way to do a job like that!) But, UGH. I want to keep my savings account for the little things that pop up year-round… have cushion if I might be close to overdrawing my checking account… rather than spend it in, like, two big chunks.

* I think I want to get some freelance work on the side. I’m worried about paying all my bills now that my car payment has more than doubled. My car insurance went up, too, with the Prius. Once more, I am really worried I’m living outside my means. It’s definitely, definitely time to finally cancel cable.

* That’s it! Time to finish up some work so I am not stuck staying late today. Have a good weekend, everyone. 🙂

I leave you with this total non-sequitar. Because this always makes me laugh really hard every time I see it on my hard drive:


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