Been a long time since I rapped at ya


I got a new car! It’s a black 2005 Toyota Prius, and I love it. I wasn’t sure I would, because it’s a very different car than, well, anything I’ve ever driven. I also thought they were way out of my price range. As it turns out, if you are lucky you can find a used one for under $15K. And the Prius is a lot of fun to drive!

I never even ridden in a Prius when I took a test drive in one last Friday. It was really cool inside, with everything being computerized and electric and sleek… wow! I had been in love with that Mini Cooper, and it really was a frickin’ adorable little car. I test drove one at Carmax on friday and it was so much fun to drive. It felt nice. It had a good amount of power, and I liked being behind the wheel. However, I didn’t like how hard it was for people to get in and out of the backseat. I don’t know– I’d never be comfortable having a car that I couldn’t pile people into, on occasion. I don’t mind being the “one to drive” to lunch, to dinner, to the movies, etc…

There’s no worries in the Prius. In fact, the backseat is way more lux than the HHR was. I’m very happy with the size, comfort and feel of the Prius’ interior. Not just for me, as the driver, but for any passengers. ALSO: If and when I ever become an aunt, it will be a hell of a lot easier to put a baby seat in the back of the Prius than it would have been in the Cooper. My sister has flat-out told me she expects me to babysit… a LOT. ūüėČ

The only thing about the Prius that I test drove on Friday was it was boring. It was silver with a gray plush interior. I have a thing… I don’t like silver cars. So we went on the website and we found a black one with a leather interior, at the same price with only a couple thousand more miles on it. We could have it transferred from Ontario, CA to Gilbert AZ for $249. So that’s what I did. The car was finally there and ready to test drive on Wednesday. I went down with my Mom, drove it and loved it, and did the paperwork to buy it. It was awesome. I drove off the lot within an hour. (I love Carmax!)

I’ve still got some learning to do when it comes to the multitude of features in that dashboard computer. There’s GPS, a Bluetooth connection (that I do not plan to use, but still, it’s there), and all kinds things to play with. It’s neat!

The car needs two things: one, an auxilliary¬†line-in for my iPod, and two– tinted windows. In AZ, it’s basically a requirement if you are going to drive around during the day in summer. I think I can get this done for about $185 or so, so that’s not too bad. I don’t know yet about the iPod thing, so I’ll probably just hunt around for my cassette-adapter that I used when I had the Rav4. (I might have tossed it, though, since so far I haven’t found it in my house.)

Other than the car, everything’s pretty good. I’m glad to have the car situation squared away now. It was really distracting me last week.

Tomorrow I leave to go to Baltimore for five days for our company’s annual conference. Yippee. I have to blog from there, but not on this blog– on the work blog. I know I’m going to be¬†tired and maybe even a little cranky while I’m there, since it’s always a lot of work and a lot of running around from the time you wake up until you go to bed. But at least I will be home on Wednesday, and I get two days off so it’ll be a nice four-day weekend. Ahhh.

I got a deep-tissue massage¬†yesterday to deal with my neck and shoulder issue, and it definitely helped! I’m happy I found a good place to go, with a reasonable rate and no “monthly membership” gimmicks. I did the 60 minute massage¬†yesterday, but my next one’s going to be¬†90 minutes… my back is a downright mess. My upper back’s the worst right now, but she did some work on my lower back, hips and the sciatica “tender spots” in my glutes¬†and hamstring and OMG. OUCH! It was so painful!! But in that good way. That good kind of pain. I felt so wonderful afterwards, and drank a massive amount of water the rest of the night and peed dark-yellow urine all night, too… a lot of toxins were leaving my body, for sure! Thank goodness.

OK, time to go home and get ready to leave early tomorrow morning. I still need to wash my bedsheets, mow the lawn, pack, maybe get a pedicure¬†if I have time… and love on my sweet little pets. I am totally going to miss the crap out of those guys! Good thing my Mom will be housesitting, so they won’t be alone. But still. I wish I could at least slip Gremlin into my suitcase and bring him with me…


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  1. Your car sounds awesome. I think I have a cassette adapter lying around, if you can’t find yours. Be safe on your trip!

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