The high price of bagels and fruit


It’s interesting that since I began eating healthier I am spending a LOT more money on food than I used to. That’s because I’m at the store at least 4 times a week, buying fresh produce, where I used to get by with maybe one weekly visit. Of course, I’m also buying organic when I can, so that right there has pulled the grocery budget up a bit. This is the literal price I pay for keeping migraines at-bay and keeping my weight down, so I’m gladly paying it.

I had a huge jump in my food budget on Friday, when I stopped to pick up a bagel and some fruit at Einstein’s while on my way to a pedicure and then a massage appointment. The bagel, fruit and small iced tea cost about $7, out of pocket. But when I walked out of the store to get in my car after consuming the yummables, I realized the cost was much, much higher than I ever could have expected.

That’s because an elderly woman in a Kia Sedona van–with a scooter attached to the back– had backed up into my car, and she did it with such force my car was entirely up and over the 6″ high curb, and slammed into a gravel embankment. The rear bumper was torn off, the side rear panel on the passenger’s side was crushed, and later, when the tow truck hauled my car out of the position it was stuck in, I saw that everything below the grille was smushed in and some black panel-thing was hanging loose from below the engine.

I stood there, blinking in the hotter-than-usual sun, in shock and disbelief. It was really weird, because it was so damn unexpected to come out of a store and see your car is no longer where you parked it, and is also quite damaged and probably not driveable. I ended up shaking my head and laughing, saying “What the hell happened?” as I walked slowly towards the scene of the HHR-mauling.

The driver who hit me was still there, thank God in heaven. I don’t think she could have driven away if she wanted to, since her back window was out and the scooter and ramp on the back were bent up and dangling precariously from just a few ragged-looking pieces of metal. Anyway, she was still there, so I was able to get her information and find out she had current car insurance (another thank GOD!) and try to sort out what my next move needed to be. The employees at Einstein’s came outside and offered us some cold water and one guy called the police (or DPS) as I tried to calm the woman down. Funny that I’d be comforting the woman who just hit my car like that, but she was easily in her 70s and was clearly shaken and emotional over the whole thing. Poor woman. Of course she didn’t mean to do it– it was an accident. She called her granddaughters to come pick her up.

We found out the police don’t usually respond to accidents on private property, which was where we were. However, a cop happened to be driving through the lot and saw the mess and came to check into things. He decided to file an accident report, which should turn out to be awesome for me since I am CLEARLY not at-fault here. I wasn’t even in the damn car.

I talked to my insurance company, who confused me somewhat because they were rambling about my different towing options to get it to a ‘secure location’ during a time period that was inconvenient (everything was “after hours” and because it happened on a late Friday afternoon, I had the weekend to contend with… nothing was going to happen until Monday regarding the claim itself). I’m still hoping I don’t have to pay a dime out of pocket even though my insurance company started the claim process. I know from experience that they will get reimbursed by the other driver’s insurance company for all repairs, but if the other insurance doesn’t act fast enough I might need to front the $500 deductible to get the repairs started. (Sure I would get reimbursed, too, eventually, but I also know from THAT experience that Progressive isn’t all that fast with cutting a reimbursement check. The last time, I had repairs done in August and didn’t get my $500 back until OCTOBER.)

Anyway, I ended up not getting that pedicure, and had to call and say I wasn’t able to make the massage appointment, either. What sucks is when I made that appointment, they required a credit card # to reserve the appointment, and the appointment was non-refundable since I made it on the same day. I called from the scene of the crash and pleaded with them not to charge me since I honestly had no way to get there– I even mentioned I would produce the police report # if it would help– on the voicemail I had to leave. No one ever called me back and I called two more times on Saturday trying to reach someone, and had no luck. I am just checking my account constantly, seeing if they end up charging me. It sucks.

I really needed that pedicure badly, and the massage even more so. I’ve got an upper back problem that’s really kind of excrutiating by the end of the day, and I’ve been sucking it up for a few weeks now, at least. I know something’s wrong, since I can feel a huge muscle knot right near my spine, and the pain feels better when I massage it myself, but I procrastinate like a moron with this kind of stuff. I don’t know why, except I think I’m just really used to having some kind of muscle or nerve pain at all times. My sciatica hurts 90% of the time, you know, but I just shrug it off. It’s weird to get acclimated and almost desensitized to chronic pain, but I guess it’s good, too. I probably pay less in prescriptions and doctor bills than the less pain-tolerant people out there!

I ended up walking home from the Einstein’s parking lot after the cop left, because I live only about a mile away, and it was probably going to be faster to walk them call my Mom and have her come pick me up only to drive me a mile home. Normally, the distance would be a piece of cake, but on Friday I was wearing cheap, flat flip-flops. I had been on my way to a pedicure, so of course those were the ideal shoes for that. They were NOT ideal for walking one mile. I ended up with really sore, stinging feet once I made it home. I soaked my feet in a mineral bath immediately, so I guess in a weird way I got one portion of a pedicure that day. By that night, I saw three large, angry blisters appear between my big toes and second toes on each foot, and one on the ball of my left foot. Grrrr.

So much for a nice vacation day. I know that I’m not a woman who’s big into pampering and luxury of any kind, but DAMN. A simple pedicure and a necessary deep-tissue massage wasn’t really that much to ask, Universe. I wasn’t asking for an extended weekend in a high-end spa, being fed strawberries and champagne. Sheesh. Just let me have those two things, will ya? (No.)

I got a rental car– another HHR. This one’s blue. It’s trippy driving a car that feels and looks so much like mine, but isn’t mine. Today I went to the auto body shop on my lunch break to sign paperwork since my car arrived there this morning. Now I am just waiting for the insurance adjuster to visit and balance the estimate for the repairs against the value of my car. According to Kelley Blue Book, my car’s worth is somewhere between $7,000 and $7,300. I was kind of surprised by that, since I thought it was easily worth about $10K. Nope.

Now I am sweating it, worrying that the repair cost will be higher than the value and they’ll declare my car a total loss. And then I have to go through the hassle of getting another car. I like my car, and don’t feel like upsetting things in my life right now when it comes to cars. Plus I just spent over $700 on new tires about a month ago. What happens to my expensive new tires if they total my car? I wonder if I can have them removed and put them on a new car, or if Firestone has a warranty or something to cover these kind of incidents, etc… I will look into it and cross those bridges if and when I have to.


That bagel and the fruit cup were really NOT worth the price I am paying.

You just never know what’s going to happen from one minute to the next sometimes. It’s scary.


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  1. This just sucks nine ways from Sunday. I’m not sure what that means but I hope it means the suckage is enormous. Your poor HHR. I really hope it’s fixable. I get so attached to my cars, I would hate to have to get a new one when you like yours so much. But if you do have to get a new one, perhaps you can get the exact same kind of car? Just newer. And not smashed.

  2. Yes, I do hope that IF I have to get another car, I can find another HHR. I plan to buy another used car through Carmax based on how easy it is to buy from them… but the problem is you’re always limited to what their inventory is on any given day. Fortunately, there always seem to be HHRs moving through there, so… we’ll see, I guess! (I’d prefer not to go through the hassle, but what else can I do, right?) Grrrr.

  3. Gah. Thank goodness no one was hurt, and the old lady had insurance, but damn. Bright side: at least you hadn’t already HAD your pedicure? That would suck, spending the money and then jacking your feet up anyway. Hope everything goes smoothly with getting your car back. I would definitely ask about getting the tires back, if it comes to that.

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