Facing weakness, head-on


It’s always fascinating when something comes along right at a time you need it. How does the universe know…? Like, it finally rains a few days after the sprinkler system stops working, so your lawn gets the water it needs. Or you suffer a terrible burn on your leg and while you are hiding in a tree trying to nurse it, a silver parachute drops from the sky to bring you a tin of healing balm. (That second one only applies to people named Katniss.)

Today I’ve been deep in introspective thought, again. This time I was seriously considering my personal flaws and bad habits, and trying to begin developing a plan of some kind to make corrections so that going forward, I am less likely to give in to going the “easy route” with things that are a challenge.

Man, don’t we ALL have things we do that we wish we didn’t do? We all have our weaknesses and our struggles, and I’m well aware that I’m hardly the only person struggling with motivation and self-discipline issues. Since I’ve recently been on such a strong writing streak, I feel kind of panicked because I haven’t written anything new in several days now. I was eating my lunch today in the park and realized I had yet to write the new short story I thought of last Wednesday evening. A whole week had passed and the story still lives only in my crowded head. Nope, that’s really not acceptable. As my parents always said, “Shit and get off the pot.” If you’re gonna do something, just do it already and move along.

So, anyhoo, I came back to the office and turned to my usual tool for working things out: my journal. I listed my current weaknesses, and things I could do to counteract them. For instance, when I am spending too much time on Facebook… close Internet Explorer on my computer and play some music. I am way less likely to surf the interwebs when I have good music playing… and I only just realized that, consciously, today. (See? Journaling really can help you sort through things and find solutions.)

My boss came over a little while ago and asked me to make a tweak to the WordPress blog we are using for an upcoming Conference, so I went to the main site and logged in, did what I had to on our blog, and logged out. That’s when that main WordPress homepage came up on my screen– you know, the one with all the nice photos and titles of recent blog posts. I usually ignore this page, honestly, and just move on to the log-in stage. Today, though, one of the featured posts was titled: Stress Less, Write More.


I clicked, and I’m glad I did… this post was about the very thing I’ve been contemplating all day! I have my weaknesses, and it’s not fun to work on the things that are hardest first, but the blog author made an excellent point: When you accomplish something that’s tough, and get it out of the way, you do get a rush of adrenaline and that cool feeling of “well, that’s done, yay!”… it helps fuel you on to the next item on your list of tasks.

I want to remember that I do need that fuel. I think it makes a big difference in the long run. Sustaining the productivity–that’s the point. Not running out of steam and giving in to instant-gratification distractions. Keep going. Keep writing. Stop stressing out and feeling guilty.

Here’s a link to the post again, if you’re interested: Stress Less, Write More.

The timing was perfect for me today, finding this particular post and this particular voice of reason. Having the universe present something you need, when you need it, is just…totally awesome. Now my day feels like it’s just a start to something else I will do, rather than another day of feeling lazy and weak.

Maybe this can help you, too. 🙂


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  1. Thanks for the mention! I’m so glad my post was helpful for you :D.

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