Blaming the new guy for everything!


I know I should be getting housework done.

I know I should finish writing my book.

In all honesty, I should probably exercise more.

And wake up earlier.

But I have a very good reason why I cannot manage to do these things.

It’s THIS:

Yeah. I blame the new guy.


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  1. DISNEY WORLD FOR DOGS! Bwah ha ha, I love it!! Actually, I cracked my own shit up the other night when I was babbling to them about Miss Lisa’s Home For Wayward Boys. I even gave them all orphan names: Skunk(Hurley); Red (Simon); Reggie (Gremlin); Spanky (Moose). I almost had to call my sister and wake her up just to share my moment of self-amusement with *someone*. She would have loved that.

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