Blowing the roof off


My neighbors–the ones with the deformed rooster in their backyard– have been doing major repairs on their house over the past year. Last year, they got a new roof and A/C unit. Last month they got new windows. A couple weekends ago, they had new gravel installed in their front yard and it makes such a huge difference– their house is looking pretty great these days. I don’t know how they afford all of this, but maybe the business of raising deformed roosters pays off big? (They are retired.)

I guess now they are looking at MY house and thinking that I need to do repairs to mine, too. The other day, my neighbor knocked on my door with a shaggy-looking contractor guy, to talk to me about my roof. My roof is pretty ugly. It’s always losing shingles whenever there is a storm or high winds, and I have been getting letters and flyers on my front door from roof repair companies wanting my business. I know it’s one of the last remaining “old” roofs on my street, but I also know replacing a roof is expensive stuff.

Having my neighbor come over to try introduce his contractor/ handyman to me so the guy could maybe fix my roof was the last straw. Clearly, the universe is trying to tell me I need to address my roof issues. So that afternoon, I researched all of the companies who had contacted me and picked one that had the best record and good reviews online. I called, set up a time to have the roof guy come out to do a free estimate, and see if it was worth filing a home insurance claim.

(In October 2010, there was a massive storm here that damaged a lot of property… the winds were really powerful, and there was hail that, in some cases, was as big as tennis balls. I have friends who had to bring their cars in for body repair thanks to the hail that day. Anyway, my neighborhood was particularly hard-hit, and that’s why I have seen so damn many houses getting new roofs for the past year or so! Home insurance claims on that storm have to be filed within two years, so time was running out if I was going to claim damage from that storm… which I would be doing, since that’s when all the shingle-trouble started with me.)

Anyway, the roof guy told me it would be worth filing a claim b/c he saw storm damage up there, even on my A/C unit. So I filed a claim. The adjuster came out this afternoon and met the roof guy at my house to assess the situation.

Well, no new roof for me. The adjuster said the shingles are repairable, and replacement isn’t possible right now. This is a good thing, and a disappointing thing at the same time. I have a $1K deductible, and I wasn’t excited about laying that money down for a new roof… but the roofing company does have advertising agreements where, if you put a sign on your yard advertising their company for a certain period of time, they will pay $500 towards your deductible. So that’s pretty cool.

The new roofs around my house look so nice compared to my old roof. I was hopeful the value of my house could go up thanks to a new roof, and look better at the same time, but… oh well. Maybe in a few years’ time, when more storms damage the crap out of my roof, as I know they will.

For now I have to get someone out there to patch up and add replacement shingles to my roof, so I contacted the contractor who did a lot of work for me over the past couple of years to see if he could do it. (He’d repaired some of those shingles back in 2010, actually.) I’ll have him do a few other jobs, too, like install a new mailbox and some blinds for my kitchen and master bedroom.

I’ve asked him for an estimate for painting the exterior of my house, too. He once quoted me about $1,000, but I want to see if he can get it down closer to $600– I offered to do some of the painting myself if he can handle everything from the roofline up. (No way I’m getting on a super-tall ladder!) Now I’m just waiting to hear back from him. I’m anxious to get my house painted because yeah, it’s pretty ugly the way it is. The back is sun-bleached a lighter shade of tan than the sides of the house, and the sides are almost mustard-yellow– it’s a weird color. And the wood trim is drying out so bad because it needs the protective coating of paint. It just looks old, and drab, and sloppy. Aside from the roof, I think paint would make the most significant improvement to the exterior.

We’ll see what he says. In the meantime, I need to get back to writing now that a lot of the roof stuff is resolved. It was bugging me. I even dreamed about a new roof. This is not acceptable. I need dreams with hot guys and vacations and things like that.


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  1. OMG, you have no idea how badly I want to see that thing. I really might have to just flat-out ask them somehow. See, someone is always home over there, so getting on a ladder and spying over the fence feels like they could catch me doing that, so that’s why I have yet to do it. I should probably just set the ladder up out there, ready to go, and if I see them all leaving in the car together, I can run out back and finally look over the wall. And take photos. PHOTOS are necessary! I need to prove this thing’s existence.

    I do know it sounds miserable. The first crows in the morning sound OK, but as the hours go by, they get strained and weaker. You can almost make out the strangled words, “Killllll meeee” in that sound, I’m telling you. I think about that Sigourney Weaver hybrid creature in Alien Resurrection that is begging to be killed when I hear that rooster.

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