Jimmy Durante Day, Inka Dinka Doo!


I woke up this morning with Jimmy Durante‘s voice in my head. This happens sometimes.

My brain dredges up the weirdest, most random stuff while I sleep. On any given morning, I wake up with songs stuck in my head that I haven’t heard in years, or I recall a scene in a bad movie I last saw in 1989 or so (“Band of the Hand,” for example), or I find myself wanting to speak in a strange accent or do a celebrity impression. For example, I’ve cleaned the catbox while narrating it in a Jean-Valjean style. “I tell you this catbox is clean/ I’ve done all I could…”

The Jimmy Durante thing isn’t that weird, though. I always say, “HOW ARE YA??” in a loud voice to the pets, particularly when I get home from work. I’ll talk like him while I’m cleaning, too. I like to say the following while I am cleaning a mirror: “LOOK A-DO, I SEE YOU! HA CHA CHA CHAAAA!” Honestly, I don’t know where that one came from. Maybe my Pop-Pop? (Trish, do you remember this at all? Or is it just another random synapse firing in my underripe brain?)

Anyway, I’d like to proclaim today Jimmy Durante Day because not only did I wake up with that voice in my head, once I got to work I watched a bunch of videos of his songs on YouTube. Then, at lunch in an Italian restaurant with my co-workers, one of his songs came on.

It’s just Jimmy Durante all over the place with me today. I should go home and paste a big fake nose on my face and sing “As Time Goes By” as loud as I can, until someone calls the police. When they come and knock on my door, I’ll grin impishly and say, “Call me the Big Schnozzola, gentleman! Ha cha cha chaaaa!




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