Oh my daaaaamn!


This past weekend, two things blew my mind.

One: The freakin’ Walking Dead


ONE: I watched the March 4th episode on Saturday night, and then the new one last night. Two sucker punches in the gut. I am so impressed by that show, I swear to God. It’s written fearlessly. I really wish I could read the comic books, too, but that seems expensive to buy all those graphic novels. Maybe it would be worth it, though. Crazy Princess, you’ve read them all… how did you do it? 

They’ve now killed off two major characters in the last two episodes, one of which was my absolute favorite character. I was bawling over it, and climbing up the back of my chair during the terrible scene, yelling, “No. No. No. No!” at the screen. I pride myself on my composure, even when alone, when watching movies and TV shows. If I find myself laughing out loud at something, I know it’s an exceptional comedy. But I’m even quieter in my reactions to dramas. This show, though, had me going insane. I’m amazed at the effect it’s had on me, and how passionate I feel about the storyline. It’s a TV show. It’s fiction. Yet, wow! It’s intense. And I love this so much I could scream.

Oh, one very sucky thing happened, though: Entertainment Weekly, my favorite magazine, spoiled the hell out of the first death in the most recent issue by including it on that last page “Bullseye” feature. My sister loves this show, but because they don’t have cable anymore, they need to wait for the DVDs to come out to see this season. So I have gone out of my way not to spill any spoilers at all, even though I’d totally love to tell her some stuff that’s happened. But yeah, she saw that spoiler and she was really pissed off… and so was I! It’s not like The Walking Dead is available on Hulu or anything, so there’s no way to really see it– I bet they ruined it for a LOT of people. I’m very angry. EW, you should know better. Boo.

TWO: Moose is all kinds of cool. He’s definitely fitting in just fine. Gremlin adores him, and is usually not far away from Moose at any given time. I’ve seen Grem licking Moose’s head, just like he does with Hurley. Moose is also starting to wrestle with Gremlin. They’re really comfortable with one another now.

Simon’s doing great, too. He’s acting just about normal again. Walking around, eating, using his litterbox in its usual location, all of that. No more hiding. I still see a little bit of chasing but it’s very mild and it stops with one noise from me. Moose knows he is not supposed to do it. He’s started to look so guilty when I yell out to him– tail drops down, he slouches and his ears flatten against his apple-head. Awww. He’s trying to be a good boy, he is!

He’s finally figured out “sit” so he doesn’t just hop on his hind legs for a treat anymore. It’s a start! I plan to train him all the same tricks Hurley knows.

And Hurley. Oh, man, I am just incredibly excited to see Hurley enjoying Moose’s company as much as he is! They lick one another’s face and ears. They run in and out of the house as a single unit, and will lie in the gravel and sun themselves next to one another. They share rawhides and toys, and eat out of the same dish at the same time. But the best part is how they play together.

They wrestle and make little grumbling noises and jump around and chase… it’s just the coolest thing ever. Hurley’s only really played with cats up until now. He and Olive didn’t exactly play a lot. Seeing Hurley having fun with another dog is so neat. After he has finished playing with Moose, his smile is SO BIG. He’s panting, and smiling, and he just has a happy aura around him, if that makes sense. I love it so damn much. Knowing he is having a great time makes me feel wonderful.

Last night they got into a particularly animated Battle Royale in my room as I was getting ready for bed. Moose would race out of the room, and back in again, just so he could do a flying pounce-move onto Hurley’s back. I’ve never seen anything like it, but I definitely need to video record it, because it’s really that cool. I couldn’t stop laughing.

I got into bed, and told them all goodnight. Hurley and Moose hopped up on the bed and plopped down against my legs, panting and catching their breath. I thought the play session was over, but I was very wrong! They were just taking a break. They plunged back into wrestling and climbing on one another, biting and licking and flipping over onto their backs, etc. for another ten minutes. I was reading a book during that time, or, I was attempting to read. I was too entertained by the craziness going on. They were constantly stepping on me, falling into me, etc. and I loved it.

I turned the light off and they kept going. So I was lying there in the dark, laughing to myself and listening to the sounds they were making. I probably should have stopped them because this shouldn’t become a habit or something, but I was just having such a good time. This is such an unusual thing for Hurley. I mean, it’s crazy how much fun he is having with an 8 pound dog. I never expected this! I love it so damn much. I did finally have to go, “All right, knock it off,” and sit up, and when I did, they obediently stopped. Instead, they cuddled up, butt to butt, next to my leg and caught their breath. I fell asleep feeling their combined warmth and weight next to me, feeling so happy.

So, that’s how things are going. It’s definitely better than anyone could have expected. I love having things to get so happy and/or passionate about! I love feeling things strongly. It’s fan-fuckin-tastic.


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  1. I think because you can watch it through itunes and amazon they figure most people will see it. But yeah, that does suck because it is a huge spoiler and next year we will be in the same boat since we just got rid of cable. In fact I will be buying the season finale next week off itunes so we can watch it. Wish we could have waiting a week for it to air before cutting cable but we would have had to pay for a whole other month. Oh well.

    Trish…stop reading…spoilers!

    Last night was awesome too! I loved the newest thing that happened because I have been expecting that development to be known from reading the comics. It’ll be interesting to see how they handle the idea that Walkers don’t only come to be from a bite. So what’s inside all of them to make them this way?? As for the comics, I got them all from the library. I know if you have a Kindle Fire or iPad you can download the whole comic book series from different sites. If you want to know where let me know. But I wait for the compilations to come out and get them from the library. I’m excited because one of the sickest characters form the comic I heard just got cast for next season.

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your new fury brood! Glad they are all getting along so well.

  2. Actually, Trish didn’t seek out any spoilers… the point was that EW put that spoiler in a very public place– that final page in each issue. She couldn’t help but see it when she turned to that page! It sucks!

    I don’t have an e-reader so downloading the issues won’t work for me, I guess I need to check out my library to see if they have the compilations. I bet there’s a waiting list. Boo.

    I hate to pick on what’s just an honest, ordinary typo, but one you wrote above totally cracks me up: My “fury” brood. YES! They’re so bad ass, full of rage and fury! :-p

  3. I purposely don’t read anything I think could spoil The Walking Dead, I don’t even read people’s facebook posts about the show for fear that they’ll say something that will ruin it. And then this week, I flip to the back page of entertainment weekly to look at that bullseye column, and right in the middle there’s a photo of the dead character and big letters saying “We’ll miss you”. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO MAD!!!

  4. I meant she needed to stop reading the rest of my post because I was going to talk about spoilers in the next paragraph. 🙂

    I emailed Entertainment Weekly because they did it AGAIN this week. It pisses me off. Not everyone can watch the episodes as they air. So Trish, don’t read the Bullseye this week!!!

  5. Crap, AGAIN!?? Damn you Entertainment Weekly. Thanks for the heads-up Amanda! 🙂

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