I have come to a decision!


It was fine and good to think and mull over all of my confused emotions yesterday, and I’m glad I did. I was able to give this whole thing a lot of thought and weigh all the options fairly.

However, when it came down to it, I had my answer when I got home yesterday from work. I realized exactly what I was going to do.

I am going to adopt Mighty Moose.

!!!  🙂  !!!

I came home and saw him, and he was so excited and cute when he greeted me. As it turned out, my Mom had stopped by my house unannounced so she was there when I got home, and she was out on the back porch with both dogs. She was petting both of them when I walked out there, and then both dogs ran to me and hopped, whined and wiggled in happiness. Together. Hurley and Mighty, pushed up next to one another, both of them smiling so big and pawing at me, trying to lick my face.

And then, the two of them started playing/wrestling in the afternoon sun.

I knew, just simple and clearly, that he was our dog.

So, yes, it means I have four pets. I know that it could potentially make me look odd to other people, but honestly, when I have I NOT looked odd to other people?! I’m a little weird and do my own thing a lot already. It’s not like 4 pets is going to finally seal the deal and that’s it, and I’m now doomed to be an eccentric, mentally-ill shut-in. Realistically, I know that will never happen.

Mighty Moose is really small. He’s well-behaved and not destructive. It’s not really all that much different with him here as opposed to when he wasn’t, in terms of impact on the house and our harmony. Simon’s the lone holdout, but he’s definitely getting bolder and more used to Mighty all the time. Last night, he was out and walking around like it was no big deal. Mighty started to chase, and I went “NOOOO” and he stopped. He knows what he isn’t supposed to do. He’s getting the hang of things in our house.

I gave him a bath last night and wow, does he look great! He was cute before, but now his coat is shiny and very soft. And he smells so, so much better. Sure, he is definitely not a dog who likes getting a bath, but he’s small, so it’s manageable. (He was like a greased piglet in my kitchen sink! I got soaked. But he calmed down the longer he was in there.)

And last night he slept up on the bed with me. All night. Just like the night before. He cuddles and it’s really so nice having a pet that I can do that with while I am sleeping. Grem sleeps on the other pillow every night, but I wouldn’t say we cuddle. I hold his paws and fall asleep that way. Simon only lies next to me for a brief time, and I have to be petting him the whole time. The same is usually true of Hurley. If I am not petting, there is no benefit for him, so he hops down.

But an interesting thing happened last night. Hurley jumped up on the bed and settled in up against my back. Mighty Moose was curled up by my stomach. I was in a dog sandwich! And I fell asleep like that. Could Hurley be taking notes from Mighty regarding what I like? Oh, that would be so cool. I know I’m weird, but I would love to have my pets sleeping on the bed with me. (Those aloof bastards.)

So anyway, I sent a message to D at the rescue group to see what the next step is. I think they do a 2-week foster-to-adopt period so everyone can be sure it’s a perfect match, but I need to check. That’s fine, if that’s the case. Whatever procedure they have, I’ll follow it.

I know I didn’t want to adopt. I wanted to FOSTER. There is a big difference. I had the intention of doing this seriously, and I was looking forward to seeing Mighty off to a great new home. But then, this happened: He fit in so well, and Hurley loved him. Hurley has never played with a dog this much before. It’s probably because Mighty is only 8 pounds, and more cat-sized (which is what he’s comfortable with), but I also think their personalities are similar and they are well-matched regarding temperments. They both are watch dog types, alert and ready to bark at anything. (Which is simultaneously a good thing and a bad thing.) They both are mellow and non-destructive, and are reactive to me and my commands. Neither seems like an alpha, and so far they haven’t had one disagreement. It’s pretty cool. He will be here a week tomorrow, and in a week, he’s settled in among my boys and they’ve come to like him. (Yes, I think Simon is starting to like him, too. He was sitting next to Mighty’s crate after I put him inside before leaving for work, and was sniffing through the cage when I left.)

After I lost Malcolm in such a tragic, traumatic manner, I really changed my mind about ever again owning a small dog. I just didn’t want to deal with having a pet so tiny it could slip through the small openings in fences or, um, fall in a pool and not be able to get out again. But anyway, here I am, getting ready to adopt Mighty Moose. He is 3 pounds bigger than Malcolm was, so hey, at least he’s not AS small. That’s something.

Small dogs, though, are really not a lot of trouble if you get a good one. Mighty isn’t neurotic or yappy like many chihuahuas. He holds his bladder all day while he is in the crate, which is amazing! (I’m still awed that Hurley has been doing this since I adopted him. I never come home to an accident, which is nothing short of a miracle.)

So, I think we will be OK. Me and my family of 4 boys. (How did THAT happen?! Wow. One girl woulda been nice, but what are ya gonna do?)

I feel a lot better now that I have made my decision. I feel calmer, not worried like I had been, and actually, happier. I like Mighty Moose so much and I’m happy to become his owner!

Oh, and I will share some new photos soon. I am getting better ones all the time of the pets hanging out together.


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  1. I knew you’d make the right decision. I already knew what you were going to decide, but I didn’t want to interfere too much. So now…what’s the final decision on the name? I like Moose because his size shows that he’s anything but. But I also like Mighty because we call Lola our Lola Mite (like Dy-no-mite you polyester wearin’ fools!). Lola is the princess of the realm over here. Her and her completely toothless, gum-smacking mouth. But enough about me. Congratulations on the new member of the Arnseth Family! This is definitely going to be a good thing.

  2. Yay! I’m glad you’re happy. It’s amazing that your animals get along with each other like that. Looking forward to more pictures of the gang.

  3. So far, his name appears to be Mighty Moose. Sometimes I call him Mighty, other times, Moose… but I like Moose best! His full (formal) name can just be Mighty Moose.
    He has started to come when I call out “doodlebug” though, too. But that’s OK. Hurley and the other guys all have about 50 nicknames each, so it won’t be any different with this one. 🙂
    And the good news is Feathers (that’s Simon, fyi) has decided he can eat out in the open again like normal, and he’s hanging out around the other pets more and more. I saw Moose and Simon face to face this morning as I was doing my hair, just calmly sniffing one another…. it was really great.

    Yeah, I don’t know what it is with my pets being so nice to one another. Simon and Grem have their moments when they get way too rough while playing, but that’s really it. I’m very lucky. And even though they each have their unique little weirdnesses, they are each very GOOD pets. Well-behaved, friendly, sweet, normal. Yup. I’m definitely a lucky bitch.

  4. Tee hee! All 7 of our cats have about a billion different nicknames. What’s funny is that they totally know who you’re talking about or talking to. Shiloh knows she’s Shy, Shy Shy, Shiny, Fat Cat, Linebacker…Zoe knows her full name is Zoe Anne Bowie Ronhovde. She also responds to just Zoe, Zoe Anne, Zos, Zones,Zonie, Zo Zo, Angel, Snowshoe, Mommy’s Baby…God, now I feel like to be fair to everyone I have to tell you all their nicknames. But I really don’t think you want to sit through that incredibly long list. I will tell you ONE nickname though, because as a Flight of the Conchords fan you should get the reference. Ty is my orange kitty. And I call him Ginger Balls. That’s what Brett and Jemaine called Murray! And yes, when I say Ginger Balls, he knows I’m talking about him. What a good sport.

  5. I’m catching up on your posts here and it has been fun to read the ups and downs of you deciding if you are going to go through with adopting Mighty. Yes, no, maybe. I am so happy you finally decided to adopt him because she sounds like a great fit with your furry family!

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