Settling in, thinking of names


I’ve got to focus and finish an article for work. Today I’ve got a bad headache… sinuses. I used the neti pot this morning and that did give me some temporary relief, but now I’m sitting at work here and the pressure’s building all over again. Anyway, it’s definitely a huge challenge to try to write when you are battling a headache. But I don’t know what to do to feel better, so I might as well just work through it.

I think the only thing that would make me feel better would be a long massage, since my neck, scalp and shoulders feel tight and sore. And maybe, while I am wishing for things I can’t have right now, acupuncture would probably be amazing, too. Put those little needles right in my face, please. My dad has been getting acupuncture for his headaches and he says it works very well. (He’s also using it for his own sciatica issues, and apparently it’s made a big difference.)

Lil’ Dog Update:

He did very well in the crate all day yesterday. Last night he was out, and mostly just cuddled into the little cat bed that, honestly, the cats never used much anyway, gnawing away on a tiny rawhide bone I bought him yesterday in Petco. (Hurley also got one.) I took both dogs for a walk last night and they did well again. We only passed by one barking dog behind a fence, so that was excellent. That’s just one of the beautiful things of walking after dark: fewer dogs are out! I love it. I much prefer a relaxing, calm walk than one where we keep running into other people with dogs, kids, or walk past yards where the dogs are outside, yadda yadda.

(One funny thing about walking at night: I know the neighborhood really well but I don’t know the colors of most of the houses until I drive past them in daylight! I was surprised to see that one cute little house down a ‘new’ street for us was actually the ugliest mustard yellow-brown in daylight.)

Simon is still being a chicken about venturing out and trying to interact with the dog. Gremlin, on the other hand, is hanging around almost constantly now. He is trying to lick/clean the dog’s head and ears, like he does with Hurley. So far, the little dog is just confused, but he is definitely OK with Gremlin sniffing around his face and everything. Last night, Gremlin and Hurley started to play together, and the little dog was so excited. He jumped down and attempted to join in, but Hurley and Gremlin weren’t sure what to do with a third party in the mix, so it didn’t really work. But at least three of the four animals in the house are on good terms with one another.

But Simon’s coming around in his own, slow way. He’s out and watching things, and he was walking around the bedroom this morning when the dog was in there, just creeping along… He’s doing well. I’m proud of him. He’ll get there.

I will probably contact the rescue either this afternoon or tomorrow to officially declare my intentions to adopt. I still have some hesitation, but this little guy really is cool. This morning after I let him and Hurley outside, I let the little guy jump up on the bed with me and Hurley, and he burrowed deep under the covers. I was concerned if he could get enough oxygen down there! But it was so cute, feeling him cuddle in and snuggle against my legs and feet. It cracked me up. Can’t say I’ve EVER had a pet who did that!

He needs a bath desperately, so that’s on the priority list for tonight. I am calling him names like Smelly McFadden, Stinky O’WashMe, Stinkbug…

Speaking of names, he is going to need one. While Mighty Mouse is really cute, it’s not quite right, either. We were calling him Moose this weekend, which was funny and cute too, but again, I’m not sure. I am trying to come up with something appropriate and it’s definitely tricky! Later on today, after I finish my article, I’ll brainstorm my best ideas in one place and try to come up with some finalists.

Here are some of my ideas:

Lil’ Sebastian

GusGus (the mouse from Cinderella)

Grover (trying to mine Muppets names for ideas!)



Doodlebug (… this is more likely a cute nickname than a good REAL name)



DaVinci (I like how incongruous it would be to name a little dog like him that kind of name)

Short Round (heh)

OK, time to get to work. I intend to finish this damn article NOW and maybe, if I still feel like crap later, I can just go home a little early. We’ll see.


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  1. I meant to comment yesterday, but didn’t get the chance.

    True Story:
    Chloe had no interests in the cats in cages at the shelter.
    She was very interested in the cats at MY home and insisted on chasing them.
    Zed is gone, but Lou is now relegated to getting love when Chloe isn’t around, which isn’t that often. He can no longer sleep on our bed and walk the house as he pleases. It would take just one good swat of a cat paw to end this, but apparently Lou doesn’t know that. I miss Lou. Chloe makes me mad about this. I would give it more time to make SURE that Simon will get along with the new dog.

  2. Hmmm… you’re right, it could be cute to give him a BIG name. So here are some ideas I just had:

    *King Kong
    *Godzilla (could call him Godzirra around my friends who don’t mind a lil’ harmless racist humor)
    *Cloverfield (Clover for short)
    *Luto (the monster in Labyrinth)

    I’m sure I can think of more, too!

  3. Smalls! As in, you’re killin me Smalls!
    Swizz Beatz, after Alicia Keys’ husband.
    Bobby Newport!
    Black Gosling!
    (Now I’m just naming Parks and Rec things)

  4. I think Mighty fits (or Atlas, come to think of it), but calling him SwizzBeatz is hilarious. Poor Simon. Give him a hug for me!

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