Here goes nothing


First: Happy Leap Day!

The animal rescue contacted me today. They asked me if I could do a “meet and greet” on Friday after work with the little chihuahua-mix they’ve been thinking of placing with me for a couple weeks now. I guess the dog’s got a clean bill of health, so that’s a relief. Anyway, what will happen is they’ll come over with the dog and we can see how all of my boys do with this new visitor. If all goes well, he will stay for the weekend to see if this is a good foster situation for all of us!

And then, I could be his foster parent. And I’ll have begun my first official fostering assignment from an actual 501(c)3. Pretty exciting. I feel some anxiety about it, but I have faith that this will be OK. If the dog doesn’t work out at my house, it’s not a big deal. They’ll take him back and find a different foster home.

The dog doesn’t have a real name yet, but they’ve been calling him Mighty Mouse. That’s pretty cute.

I’ve had a couple of long talks with the Vice President, trying to keep him up to speed on any foster-dog scenarios. Since he hasn’t said anything negative yet (or anything at all), I think he is demonstrating cautious acceptance.

More on this story as it develops!


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