To my friends on Blogger


Hi there. Listen, I am having serious issues trying to comment on your blogs! I have to sign in multiple times, for one thing, and now I get hung up on the word verification screens. On Jen’s page, for instance, I just went through at least 10 iterations/word combinations and I carefully typed them in as I saw them and Blogger kept telling me what I typed was incorrect. UPDATE: I finally got through! That was just so weird. And I even posted a second comment, and that one was ‘accepted’ on the first try. I don’t get it. I really don’t get it!

It blows. I am not ignoring you or being a creeper, I promise! If you have Blogger and you aren’t seeing many comments from me, now you know why. This has been happening for the last couple of months, off and on. I don’t understand it, because sometimes I can log in WITHOUT A PROBLEM and post comments! I don’t know what’s different about the other times, when I can’t log in.


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  1. Half the time, I couldn’t get into my own Blogger account to update my older blogs! I still can’t. I want to find out how to transfer content from one site to another without it taking three years. But yeah, Blogger’s been a real little bitch the past couple of years, and lately, it’s unreasonable!

  2. Blogger is actually the 1st place I checked into when I decided to start a blog, but I was thoroughly nonplussed. And being at WordPress…well, I never actually read any blogs on blogger, even though I have friends there. I only read and respond to blogs in the WordPress community. I don’t have time to sit around reading boring shit on Blogger–I can only handle one blog site at a time.

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