My new friend D at the pet rescue place just sent me this message:

“Hey there, have you ever considered fostering/adopting another cat instead of a dog? Reason I ask is one of my volunteers has been gaining the trust of this BEAUITFUL MaineCoon cat who was abandoned in her neighborhood, the cat is now living in her garage and is the sweetest, loving girl who loves to be petted. My volunteer would be willing to have her spayed/HIV tested/vaccinated if she can find her a loving home. MaineCoone rescue is willing to take her but they don’t do home checks so we are little leery but need to find her a home soon. I can’t attached the picture here will post it on your wall.”

I told her I’d consider it, because of one big reason: in theory, it could be a LOT easier to foster a cat than a dog. Not only could I keep my daily routine the same (no running home at lunch to let a dog outside), but I could definitely keep the cat separate from the other pets by having her stay in my hall bathroom. That’s where the other cats have stayed (my Mom’s cat and the gray leukemia+ kitten last summer) without problems.

So, I DON’T KNOW. I guess I’ll see what happens after they test/vaccinate and spay this cat. The good thing is D won’t place any pet in any foster home without making sure it’s safe first, so that helps alleviate some worry. The other plus is Hurley isn’t threatened by cats at all, and in fact, seems super content with them around. He won’t give me any shit about this, I know it. Now, the other two boys might take it differently, but somehow that doesn’t worry me as much as upsetting Hurley. (Hurley’s just super sensitive AND my first-mate, my vice president.)

Stay tuned.

I guess. (sigh)

Here’s the cat. Wow, what a surprise: she’s ORANGE. Huh.

Halfway house… for cats?


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  1. OMG!! Orange girls are RARE, did you know that? The majority of orange cats (for example, Simon, Ty, and Fizz) are boys. Orange girls just don’t pop up in the gene pool that often. Do you know how old she is? Maine coons continue growing through 4yrs, so she’s gonna be a big baby.

    Here’s my concern: When we brought Ty on the scene, I was VERY worried about introducing a boy to a pack of girls, but he ADORES all his sisters and his very protective of them. Xavier on the other hand is a total dude’s dude. He tries to play with and chase his sisters but he only spends lovey time with Ty. And he seriously prefers Torey to me. But, like you pointed out, you’d be able to keep her separate pretty easily, so, if say, Gremlin wanted to rip her fur out, he wouldn’t be able to, anyway.

    We fostered a boy kitty years ago, back when we had just 3 girls, and it was a BAD situation. My oldest, Frost, ended up with an abscessed puncture wound in her ear, and he constantly was attacking baby kitten Lola. We had to find him another home (a good one) FAST.

    I don’t know what to ultimately tell you here, but fostering a kitty first might be a good ease-in to the fostering world, because like you said, doggies are a lot more work. Worst case scenario, you take her and things don’t work out so D has to find her another foster home, right?

    She’s getting tested for FLV too, right?

    Okay, I’m done being wishy washy. She’s gorgeous and if I didn’t have 7 I’d take her in a heartbeat. I would forward her pic on to Torey’s aunt and uncle because they LOVE big cats with long hair, especially Maine coons, but they are in the possibilities of divorce right now and are separated, so while they would have been the perfect home for her last month, this month things are falling apart.

  2. Awww, man. She’s gorgeous. And a Coon! You know how I love Coons. πŸ™‚ I think a cat would be alot easier to foster so their is something to think about there. My only concern would be introducing a female anything might be tricky with all your men. But like you said you could keep her seperate. She is a looker. I wouldn’t blame you for caving. πŸ™‚

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