Too many donuts in the box


Today is my Mom’s birthday. Happy birthday, Mom! I know she won’t see this, most likely, since she doesn’t go online anymore, but I still like to put it out there. This is a good birthday for her this year, since she is living in the new 55+ place and having a blast! It’s worked out so well. She loves her apartment, and she really loves going to the different social events they have all the time. Today, for instance, happens to be the day the community celebrates the February birthdays over at the clubhouse. Perfect timing for Mom! After that, she’s going to bingo, I think. She’s talking to people and hopefully will make some friends soon. I’m very happy for her.

Work is going well, even though there was a falling-out between two coworkers and honestly, one of them is just batshit crazy…which makes it awkward around here. Fortunately, Batshit has been out most of this week, so we’ve avoided any weirdness. Still, it really sucks when someone has to piss on someone else just to make themselves feel more important or deflect attention when caught making a mistake. It ruins the ‘team’ dynamic in a big way, and it’s just uncalled for. There is no reason to be outright rude and negative to someone. Anyway, BLAH. I am definitely trying to stay out of it! I’m not really a part of it, even though my boss is affected. It’s just been on my mind, I guess, because it’s so ridiculous. And it could have been avoided or not happened at all, if one person could just keep ‘er mouth shut…

Anyway! Enough with talking about myself in the third person! 😉

I think I’ve been bingeing with food. It’s so awful, too, because I physically feel the effects of the gluttony and then there is the SHAME. On Valentine’s Day, I was craving a Dunkin Donut so bad for some reason. Probably because a FB friend posted pictures of heart-shaped donuts. Anyway, after work I went through the drive through on my way home with the intent of getting two donuts: plain strawberry frosted. But they were OUT of those. And the girl was such a good salesperson, OMG. She told me that a fresh batch of chocolate frosted donuts just came out of the oven and were “still warm” and that they were running a special for Valentine’s Day: If you buy four donuts, you get two free. So what do I do?

I say, “OK, just give me the 6 donuts, then.” ? ! ? ! ? !

And guess what I did after that? I came home and ate a donut. Before dinner, which was supposed to be a nice, healthy salad. But I never did have that salad, because I ended up eating a total of THREE donuts that night. Holy shit, Batman. And then I felt awful and actually thought I was going to throw up. I wished I would, actually, since I certainly didn’t need that crap in my stomach, that’s for sure. Instead, I made a large container’s worth of green detox juice and had some of that. The rest became my lunch yesterday.

What became of the other 3 donuts? Oh, two of them did get eaten between yesterday and today. And the last one was thrown out because it seemed gross anyway (it was a filled donut and mehhhh, I don’t like those).

Today I had a slice of pizza, salad and some garlic knots at NYPD Pizza with my sister for lunch. And I slammed it down, since she only has 45 minutes for lunch, and holy dumptruck full of shit, I’m feeling it. And it happened over two hours ago now. I should not have done that. I didn’t need those garlic knots. I did KNOT need them. And the salad is pretty large, and I knew that, so maybe I should have just eaten half of the slice of pizza, but nope. Eating fast definitely does make me consume so much more. I realize this now, more than ever, since I’ve been doing the deliberate eating thing.

Anyway, this morning I stepped on the scale and I had gained back two pounds. Nooooo! That’s it. I’m not going to let this one go. No way. Especially knowing how much better I’ve been feeling (anemia notwithstanding). I am scared I could get a migraine now thanks to all the extra, unnecessary food.

OK, so I have had three bad days. And maybe the two pounds are no big deal; all I have to do is get back on track and let this little binge-incident be a lesson. I have to remember how I feel RIGHT NOW the next time I feel like giving in to a craving for garlic knots, or donuts. And that feeling is UGH. Belly’s full of sludge. It doesn’t feel nice.

Hey! In other news, I’ve been following the story of the little dog who had his leg amputated. I had offered to foster him, but so had about 20 other people! It was a boon to the rescue group, really. Axel was able to draw new people to the group and raise awareness across state lines. People were donating from West Virginia, Colorado and Michigan to pay for his surgery! And they did–they raised the $1,200. Amazing. Anyway, Axel was fostered by his nurse at the vet’s office, and yesterday he was officially adopted. What a happy ending!

Today, D from the rescue group contacted me because two little dogs were just pulled from the e-list at the pound. They both have kennel cough, and are in treatment for that. One of the dogs is likely already spoken for, which is good, because it was a min-pin and I do not feel like dealing with one of those since that’s the dog my Dad has and they were unable to housebreak her for over a year. However, the second little dog will be in need of a foster home once he’s over his kennel cough.

And so, it might come to pass that this little dog could be our very first official foster!

And this dog is not going to go unadopted for long, for sure. Little dogs like him get lots of attention from adopters. As long as he gets along with my boys, we’ll likely do this thing. Pretty neat!

Oh, one thing does sort of suck right now: Last night, I had to separate Simon and Gremlin. Gremlin would not stop attacking Simon. Simon would run away and Gremlin chased him down, no matter where he ran. They knocked stuff over and made a mess as I looked for the water gun. Simon is yowling in pain as Gremlin’s biting the crap out of him– tufts of orange hair are everywhere. It was pretty obvious that one cat was more to blame for the fray than the other. I did my Voice of God(TM) voice and cornered Gremlin, letting him know I was Not Going to Stand For This, Since I RUN THIS PACK, DAMN IT and then went to check on Simon. Fortunately, I couldn’t find any real injuries. Just a lot of loose, spit-soaked hair. He was meowing softly when I was petting him, like he was saying, “Mo-om, I didn’t do anything, and he just started it, wahhhh” and for some reason, I had to smile. I was angry, but somehow a cat fight is a lot less traumatic than a dog fight. And since both of my cats are total characters, they both played up their ‘sweet sides’ to me when I was with either of them.

I might have to work with Gremlin on some things. He’s just so rough with Simon and Hurley! The other night, Hurley was barking and wrestling with Gremlin because I was operating the juicer. He always does that… something with small appliances makes him go ‘attack’ a cat, usually Gremlin, since Grem’s always game for it. Anyway, they were doing that, but suddenly Hurley yelped a couple of times and did a different bark–an angry bark– and I realized Gremlin was biting his ear pretty hard. “Hey!” I yelled. Gremlin stopped and looked at me like, “What?” and Hurley turned and ran away, tail between his legs, because he erroneously assumed the “Hey!” was for him, too.  (That dog HATES when I raise my voice with the cats! He could be across the room, half asleep. But when I yell at the cats, and he’ll sit up, look all hurt and remorseful for something he didn’t even do, and then get up and slink out of the room. It’s kind of sad/funny and I always have to go check on him and rub his belly or something, once I am done disclipining the cats.)

“Disciplining the cats.” HA! That’s a good one. As I am sure all of you know already, cats don’t take well to “discipline.” They just sort of look at you like, “Are you done yet?” and then blink and walk away. I have never even thought about raising a hand to Hurley, yet I have spanked Gremlin a few times now when I catch him in the act of something bad– like biting me for no reason.

Oh, well. In the end, though, I know that Gremlin and Simon aren’t REALLY fighting. They really just get carried away and the rough-housing goes too far. Rarely do I see a puffed-up tail, or hear a really pissed-off hiss or growl. Gremlin’s just got to chill out a little. But he is still young–only a little over a year old, by my calculations. He’s being a bad kid, tormenting his brother. And Simon TOTALLY plays up the angelic thing when it happens, too. He sounds so pitiful and sits somewhere up high, cleaning himself as if he can lick the ungentlemanly situation away. And if I talk to him, he talks back in a soft little kitten-voice. If he had long eyelashes, he’d totally be batting them at me. It’s really so funny.  

I adore that all three of these pets have such distinct personalities. Simon and Hurley are pretty similar in that they are not destructive and tend to follow the rules, and they’re more dignified than their spazzed-out little brother. Gremlin’s just fearless, and assertive, and I like to think he’s thinking, “I don’t give a fuck, I’m goin’ for it!” all day long. He’s stubborn and insistent. I kick him off the kitchen counter, he jumps right back up. And this can go on and on for several go-rounds. His facial expression doesn’t change. He’s just like, “I wanna see what you’re doing, so deal with it.” All the time.

All three of the pets love to be around me, and will follow me from room to room to some extent. But Gremlin is unstoppable about it. He is ALWAYS wherever I am, when I am home. Always. I watch TV or use the computer, he’s on my lap or perched on the back of a chair behind me, purring into my hair. I’m cooking or at the sink, he’s up on the counter repeatedly, or sitting on the floor right behind my feet (yes, he has been stepped on a couple of times). I’m in the yard, doing something, he is in the window the whole time, reaching up on the glass and meowing as he watches me. While I’m in the shower, he’s sitting on the toilet lid, listening for the water to turn off so he can hop in and inspect the drain. And of course, every single night, he sleeps right next to me, sometimes face-up-against-my-face, even.

I know, I’m one of those people who talks incessantly about her pets. Sorry.

I just enjoy them. Plain and simple. I love them.


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  1. For crying out loud. I just wrote you a long-ass comment about our shared cat experiences and gluttony issues, then when I clicked POST my internet crapped out and apparently the comment disappeared. Well, it was a gem, I tell ya. A gem. Stupid Cox.

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