My not-very-exciting weekend


We had an overcast weekend. It looked like rain all day Saturday, so it was awesome. I just love days like that! I did all the prep work in my small master bathroom– sheetrock patching, spackling, sanding, washing/scrubbing (oy, there were some more mysterious brown ‘splashes’ of stuff on the walls, up high…eww) and finally taping everything off. Then I took the hardware off all three doors and primed them. It doesn’t sound like much, but it took most of the day. I was glad I got it done.

That night, it was super windy outside and it felt like a good night to take an early shower, settle in with a good dinner and watch Netflix. So that’s what I did. It turns out, I LOVE showering in my guest bathroom! I had no idea how lovely that showerhead really is. It’s also a slightly bigger bathroom, so I had more room to dry off and move around.

I made a huge salad from the last of the farm market greens (they lasted an entire week!) and watched the last 6 episodes of Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries. It’s not my favorite show, of course, but it’s still pretty damn entertaining! I love Bonnie and Jeremy together for some reason, but I am so sad about Jenna. I hope Caroline and Tyler get together in the next season… that Damon recovers from the bite… and that Stefan isn’t too eeeeevil now. I wish I’d been able to see this season before season 3 started on TV, because now I don’t think I can catch up. Either way, it was a fun way to spend a stormy night.

Yesterday was a waste, because I woke up feeling so gross. My sinuses were inflamed like crazy. I blame the weather, mostly, but also all that sanding I was doing on Saturday. I used the neti pot twice, and it did help take the edge off, but I still felt like crap. I had planned to paint all day, but I ended up not doing any of that. Instead, I did laundry and ran to Sprouts for more produce, and did a quick cleanup of my backyard. (Dog poop, large weeds.) After that, I was pretty much on the couch. Oh, right… I only watched 3 episodes of TVD on Saturday, and the other 3 yesterday. I’m still feeling wonky– brain feels ouchy.

I tried to do my taxes, but couldn’t, because I am missing two pieces (state tax statement, and my savings account interest statement). Boo. I’m excited to see how much I get back this year! Hopefully those forms will arrive this week.

This morning was my Mom’s moving day! She moved from the current crappy apartment to the new, awesome 55+ community right down the road. The place is beautiful. Her new apartment is great–it was remodeled a couple years ago with high-end stuff, and she has already met several people who live there! She’s so happy and excited. Which, in turn, makes me and my sister happy and excited! I can’t wait for her to make friends and become active with all the events they have going on there everyday. This is such a great move for her.

The movers arrived at her place at 6:15am today, and they were done before 9:00am! They did a terrific job…way better than the clowns last year who charged her hidden fees left and right, and were super late, etc. So, thanks to positive reviews and recommendations, does it again…! I find the best companies on that site.

Now I’m here at work, loading up on Goody’s headache powder and drinking green tea (and I do not like drinking hot beverages), attempting to keep the sinus pain to a minimum. Fortunately, it’s working pretty well, so far.

This is a pretty dull post. I need to get back into writing about funny stuff s0metime. I kept my old blog just for that reason and I haven’t done a thing there in a long time! And I know I’ve witnessed weird stuff and imagined bizarre things in the meantime. I have to get better at logging in there and writing about it. I love my old blog. How can I be so cruel and neglect something I love…?

If I’m not careful, Blog Protective Services will come and take my blog away.


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  1. So happy you are watching The Vampire Diaries. That show has gotten so good! And this season has been great so far!

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