This is a bad day.

First, my good friend Amy is in the hospital. Last Friday she was in a terrible car accident… she spun across 4 lanes of traffic and hit a wall on the freeway. Her car was totalled, but her airbags saved her life, thank God. No other cars were involved. She’s been in pain and recovering at home, but I guess she started to have severe seizures. She’s having tests now and we’re all so worried. I don’t get how the universe works–that bad things happen to the best people. She has such a kind, warm and giving heart. She already has a multitude of health problems, too. (And yet the selfish, meaner people I know are always perfectly healthy. Ehhh. Not fair.)

Second, I got this email from Jason:

“I know this didn’t turn out to be the situation we had hoped for but I appreciate you understanding that my being a dad has to trump my personal life. I’m coming to terms with my other two girls coming in May that sustaining the relationship that we started is pretty impossible. I don’t know what else to say other than to hope that you understand.”

I am very sad.


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  1. Oh crap L, I am so sorry about Amy and hope things go well. Keep us up to date.

    As for Jason, I kind of figured this might be coming and wish I had some words that would provide you some comfort, but I don’t think anything will make you feel better at the moment. I am glad you tried opening your heart to someone and were able to meet someone truly wonderful, he’s just a wonderful father too it seems and that means you have to be the one who loses out. 😦

  2. Oh man, I’m so sorry about both situations. It’s hard to even find words that don’t sound trite or lame when faced with big issues like these, so just know I’m sending good vibes your way and virtual hugs. xoxo

  3. We’ll go visit Amy tonight and find out more about how she’s doing. And as for Jason, I do know this makes sense. I had a gut feeling he would lean this way, because of the kind of father he is. It still blows that he can’t have a personal life… yet his ex wife, up in Colorado, IS dating. Grrrr. But that’s a whole post for another day. And it’s a post I probably never will write, because I’m going to compartmentalize this stuff and let it go.

    At least it happened early on, before we really fell for one another. Oh, well. Life does this kind of thing, and we just have to deal with it.

  4. Get well, soon, AMY!

    Ugh. I, too, feared “the worst” re: Jason, but I am still sorry that it happened. At least some good came of it, though. Somebody motivated you to start juicing, and you got that whole dating/relationship thing kickstarted.

  5. Sorry to hear this Lisa.. about both. But it has to comfort you somewhat to know after the EX, that you’re capable of love again, that your heart is able to let someone else in… this was just a small detour to the right guy that’s out there for you.

  6. I am so sorry about both situations. I’m praying for a fast recovery for Amy. It must be scary to not know what is going on.

    As for J, I had my own worries when you wrote about his daughter coming to stay with him. ON the one hand he is a great father because he should be that devoted to his children. ON the other hand, shit. I know I never met him but from what you wrote he just sounded perfect. I just hope you can stay friends and maybe down the road can perhaps revisit things when everything settles down again.

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