Zombie Tag for Business Preparedness


I just thought of something funny…at least, it’s funny to me. At every business conference I’ve been to, there is inevitably a session or lunch where a speaker talks about “risk management” and the importance of being prepared for a crisis.

All that talk, no action.

I think a real live simulation would bring true value to a business conference. Don’t you? Like, simulate an earthquake or have some actor pretend to have a heart attack to see how the attendees react?

Even better would be to have an unplanned zombie invasion. Maybe during a keynote speaker’s address, over a fancy lunch. Just have a bunch of people dressed as zombies storm the ballroom, and they have paint on their mouths. If a zombie “bites your head” you’re marked with paint, and you’re out.

Kind of like paintball. But with zombie mouths.

I should be making MILLIONS by now, with ideas like this running through my head. Millions. BILLIONS, even.


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  1. OK, yeah… that’s the phrase that has been amusing me, as well. I don’t know why it’s really funny, but it is. Especially the visualization of them having wet paint freshly smeared on their lips (or little packets inside their mouths that they can bite down on to open)… either way, I have been amusing myself for a couple days over this. I’m glad someone else kinda gets it, though.

  2. I am all for anything that involves a zombie apocolypse. Brian and I have been planning for one for years.

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