Busy weekend, but now with more limping!


Ouchie McOucherson. I got a lot done this weekend, which is awesome! But the price paid was a new round of sciatica. Well, I don’t know why I would expect otherwise, really. My lower back is a little bitch. But it still sucks balls when it does “go out” after I am productive and getting things accomplished that need to be done.

I’ve said it before, but maybe I really will look into a cleaning service, once a month or so. Mostly just to clean my bathrooms and maybe mop the entire house. I use a Swiffer wet jet to clean up small spills and dirty areas here and there so that when it gets to be time to mop The Whole Damn House, I won’t have to scrub certain spots so much. It doesn’t change the fact that mopping is one of the activities that aggravates my disks and sciatica the very most, though. Ick. (The whole thing makes me wonder why I only have carpeting in two rooms, sometimes. Sometimes. I still prefer hard floors, for sure.)

Pain aside, I did get all the laundry done and cleaned the house pretty well. I didn’t mop, but I did clean the shower, and that’s what set me off, I think. I also assembled a chrome cart to keep all my yard tools in one place. The cart’s pretty nice, and so much better than the cheap plastic tool holder I’ve had for awhile and had warped and bent in the sun. Plus, the cart has a row of pockets for little tools, and it’s on wheels. Hey, you get excited about what you want to get excited about, and I’ll do the same. 😉

I was able to clean up the whole back patio and re-arrange stuff so it doesn’t look like so obvious that I don’t have a shed in which to keep things like my lawn mower and all those damn tools. I hate that my yard itself can look neat as a pin, but the porch has been a somewhat-cluttered, dusty mess. I’m a little picky about my backyard and porch. I don’t know why. Yet I can let my office and the pantry look like piles of shit. Oh, well.

I’ve been cooking/ preparing meals at home a lot more, too. I now know how difficult it really can be to find healthy, fresh food elsewhere. I feel like someone woke me up from a daze I’ve been in my whole life, in a way. Now, I see the majority of fast food as being just big piles of chemicals, HFCS and fats. I had some soda yesterday at Jersey Mike’s because their iced tea tasted horrible (my sister was right… it does taste like soapy dishwater, ewww) and so did the water. And the weird thing is I don’t like soda anymore. I have loved soda my entire life. But yesterday it was just like a cup o’ chemicals. It grossed me out.

I did make some all-organic tomato, mozzarella and pasta salad with pesto on Saturday that was OMG, so delicious. I overate, a little, since it tasted so great. For dinner one night, I had a baked potato with broccoli and some melted cheese. Again, all organic. It’s not easy to find organic cheese… or potatoes. But after I read that non-organic potatoes leech up chemicals from the soil and you can’t wash it off, I’ve been a little grossed out and want something not laden with tasteless pesticides.

Here’s the amazing news so far:

* I have now lost 7 pounds since 12/26

* I have NOT HAD A MIGRAINE. Knock on wood, knock on wood!!! But yeah, I’ve felt pretty great. I have a persistent little head cold that keeps bugging me a little, but even that’s not blowing out of proportion like it could if I wasn’t loading up on the vitamin C and other good-for-me stuff, every day.

Let’s see… losing weight, not having painful headaches… so far this effort is well worth it! And honestly, it’s not that hard to do. I still let myself have a decent meal once in awhile, or little portions of something chocolate-y. (Hot chocolate isn’t too bad– walking away from whipped cream is a little tough, but once I’m drinking it I don’t miss it.) I don’t want to get to the point where I am CRAVING a bad food, like I always had been for years, so I allow myself some of the stuff I want. SOME. Not a lot, or all. I messed up with the Dove chocolate bar last week and I’m still a little annoyed at myself for doing that. I easily could have had half and put the other half away. But I didn’t. Ugh. Well, I learned that I can’t let myself have sweets while I am watching a movie. That activity sucks me back into very bad, long-term past habits. Mindless eating.

It’s a good thing that air-popped popcorn isn’t very bad for you if you don’t put butter or lots of salt on it. I do love that.

Sorry to turn this blog into a “me talking about eating” blog! I guess I’m just pretty amazed that this is actually working. Not just on the physical level. I’m really beginning to think about food a lot differently. And that was what I was hoping for when I first decided to do this. I’m well aware that my ‘addiction’ to bad foods is largely psychological. Foods have been a comfort, for most of my life. A reward at the end of a long day. Or something I do out of boredom. All of that’s going to change. Every day I keep myself aware, awake and anticipate possible challenges is another day closer to breaking the bad habits and cementing new ones. And that’s pretty cool, I think!

Plus it’s getting me to use my kitchen (and not just the microwave) more. Also a good thing!


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  1. I do wish I could afford to buy/eat organic. It’s pretty gross when you think about all the unnecessary chemicals we put in our bodies. And the weight loss is a nice side-effect, huh?

    Why am I getting excited about your little wheeled tool cart? Chrome! Wheels! Pockets! I am such a dork.

  2. I admit I can’t always get organic fruit/ vegetables… especially fruit, this time of year. But where I can do it, I’ve fit quite a bit in here and there. It is expensive! I wish it didn’t have to be that way, but we all know why it costs more. I’ve figured out where the cheapest organic stuff is near me, and just hit those places when I can. One is a farmer’s market only open on the weekends, so I have to make an actual effort to get over there. YAWN. Weekends should just be for sleepies. And building chrome carts.

    I’ll try to take a photo of the cart to show you… it’s so cute and ORGANIZED. Yeah!

  3. I love it!

    Also, I read something recently that suggested going to Farmer’s markets later in the day, before they close. It said they’d be more willing to sell you their products at a discount, rather than pack it all up and carry it back home. Let me know if that works.

  4. I have been trying so hard to buy organic/fresh foods more but it is so damn expensive. The only good payoff is I find those food fill me up more so I don’t want to eat junk. How is it that eating good costs more. One would think it would be mandatory to make good foods less expensive.

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