Every time a bell rings, a person gets kicked in the knees.


* A co-worker is wearing something that sounds like jingle bells today. And she is walking around a lot. Is it bad that I kind of want to kick her? Very hard?

* I had a bad eating day yesterday. Hot dog and fries for lunch, and then I had some Dove chocolates after dinner. I blame this for my terrible night of sleep, and the sweating. I think you really do notice it when you’ve been making an effort to eat well and then one day, you don’t. This might be TMI, but I realized that my pee smelled again late last night and this morning. It hasn’t had much of an odor at all while I’ve been juicing and eating veggies and fruit. Isn’t that so weird? I think it’s weird. And I really want to go back to unscented pee.

* I think that last sentence has never been typed before in the history of the world. 😉

* I’m not feeling all that great today. Sleepy, yeah, but also congested and achy. Bleh. Whine, complain, bitch and moan.

* I watched Paranormal Activity 2 last night. It was pretty good! I thought it was creepy, but not so creepy that I was scared afterwards. Now I am interested in seeing Paranormal Activity 3 because I’ve heard from friends who have seen it that it ties all of the movies together very well; plus, in PA2, there are references to when the sisters were little girls and I know that the 3rd movie takes place when they are little, so… yeah. I want to see it now!

* Jingle jangle… Why won’t she sit down and stay there?!

* I’m considering posting my new short story here. I’d love to get criticism on it. I want someone to tell me what it might need to be a better story. I like it, personally, but I’m biased. Plus it is based on a vivid dream I had last weekend and it makes perfect sense to me, in my mind. But I wonder if readers will ‘get it’… I wonder if I have done a good job of telling this story. Mehh. Writing HARD. Me dumb sometimes.

* Seriously. Is it a necklace? Or a bracelet? I don’t see a bracelet, so where is that bell noise coming from? Can’t she take it off if she is moving around a lot?! She’s got to hear it. HULK SMASH

* I haven’t been to the movies in awhile. There isn’t a lot I want to see, and the things I do want to see can probably wait until DVD. Two movies that come to mind are War Horse (although I know I’ll cry like a bitch) and Young Adult. I don’t even know if Young Adult is playing anymore, or yet. Haven’t heard much about it. Except, the things I have heard, make me want to check it out. And these lines in the trailer: “His baby is just darling.” “Have you seen it? …Up close?” Heh.

I guess I’d see the new Sherlock Holmes movie, too… eventually. Someone who saw it told me it was better than the first one, even though reviews say otherwise. The first one had such potential, but just managed to miss the mark, dead-on. Oh, well.

* There’s a British show you should watch. All of you. Anyone reading this. It’s on Netflix, and it’s called The IT Crowd. Trust me. You will love it. The best episodes I have seen so far are “The Red Door” in Season One, and “The Work Outing” is Season 2. Here’s a clip… I know it’s funnier in the context of the episode, but I can’t help share this because I LOVE IT. My awesome sister told me about this and I watched it last night, and I cracked up as I remembered this scene as I was trying to fall asleep. “…Acid.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh4c7XBZ-Qo

* The bells have been quiet for a little while. What a relief. I wonder if someone should go check on her… what if she’s dead?

I just noticed WordPress offers a poll option now. So, let’s try it out! Here we go:

Thank you, good night! Word to your mother.


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