Things I Found on Google, Volume XIVV


Let’s take a moment to have a few chuckles and piss-explosions, shall we? It’s the holidays, and that calls for MERRIMENT and FRIVOLITY! Ha HA!

So, here are some wonderful things that I’ve found online over the past month or so when I have done my Google images searches for random photos:

First up, we have Santa Meets Satan. It’s a jolly image, for sure. Look at the devil’s shorts. So poufy! Who would have thought the devil liked poufy shorts? Huh. Learn something new everyday. ENJOY:

This next image comes to us from a stock photo search I did for work, when I was trying to find “unusual businessmen” for an article. I didn’t use this, but I sure saved it because I knew it was perfect for my Random Photos collection! This one’s called Asian Businessmen Superheroes. ENJOY:

Alright, so one day I was obsessed with searching for vintage pictures of bears. I found so many great items. But this was my favorite, because you have to wonder… what kind of rare breed of bear is THAT?! I call this one Bearly Legal on the Prairie. ENJOY:

A Couple and Their Precious, Bare-Bones Love: A lot of stuff’s been floating around lately having to do with Awkward Family Photos and all the various offshoots, like pet photos and holiday photos. I adore these sites and I could admire these things all day if you let me. But sooner or later I will have to go to the bathroom, and when I get up, you’ll probably click on another page because you have some banking to do, and the moment will be lost. Well, this is just one of the several that I saved. ENJOY:

Few things are better than sassy housewives from the 1950s. Don’t you agree? That’s why Betty FuckChef is so awesome. I don’t recall when I found this gem, but I was saving it up for awhile. Saving it for what, you ask…? No idea. I wish I could say I was saving it to send to someone (like a boyfriend?) because it would be funny, but that’s not true. Mostly, I just love the F word. I do. I always smile when I hear it. ENJOY:

In Hug Me Closer, George! we see a randy young couple in the forest, clearly enjoying an afternoon of illicit lovemaking. They had to run away and meet there, because they come from two different worlds. She, a high-society lady with many social obligations, and he a fucking bear. It’s a regular Romeo and Juliet story involving bestiality. Isn’t it so sweet? I think so! ENJOY:

Sometimes, children should be heard, but not seen. In this vintage photo, a huge gaggle of obviously-horrible children are posing for the camera in their special Modesty Head-Sacks. Could it be for Halloween? Or just another day at Miss Mapleton’s School for Hideous Boys and Girls? We might never know. But if you type in “vintage Halloween,” this is the kind of thing I dream of finding. I can’t explain why I love this so much, but I do! ENJOY:

This final photo defies explanation. It seems to be a reference to Gilligan’s Island. But what is the artist trying to say? We have those old-timey diver’s helmets, and a long-dead corpse. It’s interesting and worthy of saving to my collection. I call this 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea with Gilligan’s Skeleton. It’s not the most dynamic or original name, but it grows on you. At least, I think so. ENJOY:


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