* I’m reading Next by Michael Crichton now… it’s got me hooked. J recommended it to me, and lent it to me over the weekend. Now I’m thinking a lot about drug patent law in terms of genetic research, and wondering if the Federal government would be above or “outside” the law if things were top secret… and if they were top secret, how would it work out if outside, private investors purchasing the patent to something created by the Federal government? Oh, the questions, questions and more questions that get my brain whirring and churning along as I write my book…

* I had to get my car fixed today. The thermostat was broken, it turns out. So last week when the engine light was on and the coolant wasn’t reading a temperature, this was the real reason. Ah HA. Well, it’s done now and I only had to spend about $225. It could have been a lot, LOT worse if I had let this go any longer. Whew.

* I put up my Christmas tree. Yes, I did the bare minimum. But this time I have a good reason: I want to get Gremlin acclimated to the tree before I risk decorating it. I expect it will be on the floor when I get home from work today. But there’s always a chance that he will surprise me, too. Either way, if ornaments do make it onto the tree this year, it’s all plastic and cardboard stuff only.

* I’ve been talking to J every single night. It’s so nice that he keeps getting in touch. I can tell he likes me a whole lot. This fact is probably going to amaze me for a long time. Well, I like him, too. (PS: I’m not sure I have mentioned this yet, but he is also pretty cute. Tall, dark hair and dark eyes… I finally got my wish to date someone without blue eyes!)

* I’m not done Christmas shopping yet. But I get paid tomorrow, so the buying can continue. Fortunately I don’t have much left to buy. I do, however, need to wrap the gift I got for Kristen’s son and mail that out. And get something for my Dad and mail that, too. By the way, I’m not doing Christmas cards this year. It’s not because I am a scrooge or anything… I actually lost my entire address book. And I don’t feel like making the effort. That, too. Sorry!

* I had the most delicious spinach I have ever had in my life last night. I’d bought it at the organic farm on Saturday with J. Well, I finally made a big salad of it for dinner last night and it was amazing. Huge leaves, crisp and bright green… it was almost like eating green leaf lettuce! I can’t wait to get back to the farm this weekend and hopefully, they’ll have it for sale again. It’s totally worth the drive over there. Holy crap. No one ever told me spinach could look and taste like THAT! Mmmmm. (Also delicious? The organic broccoli and carrots.)

* J is already a positive influence on me, and I can tell it’s only going to get better from here. He’s got me thinking about my diet and eating organic and unprocessed foods a whole lot and this is such a good thing for me, right now. Especially since I am still mourning the end of the marathon road and lamenting the subsequent slump of not-keeping-myself-healthy. I’m pretty curious to see how this juice thing works out for me. I’m preparing myself mentally for what’s going to be a true challenge.

* I’m almost done watching True Blood, season 3. Oh, hai, Alcide. That character needs a spinoff. The thing is, I am so burned out on anything with vampires and I honestly don’t give a crap about the vampires on TB. Not now, anyway. Not when there is THAT around, all the sudden. (I know, I know: I sure have a thing about posting about hot guys lately, don’t I? And I clearly have a type??? But they are like FINE ART. I just love looking at them, admiring the lines and colors… and…)

* Oh, look. Shiny!



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  1. Love Alcide. Something about a guy that can literally sweep me up and take me away…Sigh!

    I’m not doing cards this year either. Only sending to those I receive one from. Corny I know but I just didn’t have the time or money to get them out this year. But I will miss my yearly picture of your furry kids. 🙂

  2. And Alcide just seems GOOD. Which is rare on that show! I’m serious– he should have a spinoff. I don’t think he should be with Sooki, but he should be with someone. I don’t know.

    I’m glad I am not the only one forgoing the cards. I figure if anyone wants to see what I’m up to they can check out Facebook– god, that site has made me LAZY in so many ways! :-p

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