Once Upon a Time– you broke my heart.



I waited a couple of days to write about this in the off-chance any of you were watching this show and hadn’t seen the latest episode yet. But the outcome of this last episode has really been bothering me.


Well, if you’ll recall, a couple of months ago I gushed about my happiness that there was finally a hot guy on TV, and not just any guy– a guy who looked like he was related to Ben Barnes. (OK, in that post I wrote, I mistakenly labeled Jamie Dornan as British, when in fact, he’s Irish, but it was an honest mistake from someone who has a terrible ear for accents.) It was so awesome that Sheriff Graham was part of this show that I was already smitten with.

How cool to not only love a show for what it is, but to have the added bonus of lovely eye candy as well.

Well, I shouldn’t have gotten used to it, because on Sunday, Regina (the Evil Queen) killed Graham. Squeezed the life out of his heart, right after he kissed Emma and remembered everything about life in fairy tale land.

Before this sad and relatively shocking conclusion, we got to see the awesome backstory of the Huntsman.

Like a lot of people, I’d been speculating that Graham would turn out to be the Huntsman once his fairy tale identity was revealed. But then there was all this stuff with a wolf, too. It turned out that the Huntsman was a compassionate hunter, who cried over his kills. He had been raised by wolves, and viewed animals as being “more honorable than selfish humans.” Now this is the kind of story I JUST ADORE. Oh, yeah. Do a whole series just about this character, and I’d be happy.

But then the Huntsman got on the Queen’s radar. She had him take Snow out to the woods to, of course, cut out her heart. Snow was too smart and totally knew what he was up to. She ran ahead of him, and when he caught up to her she was writing a letter to the Queen.

She’d accepted her death, and asked him to just give that letter to the Queen once he’d cut out her heart. But as the story goes, he couldn’t go through with it. He did the ol’ deer heart instead of a human heart trick, which of course didn’t work and the Queen was pissed.

She took his heart and made him her “pet” and said if he ever tried to leave her, she would kill him. And, like any half-intelligent woman of power would do, she made him her little bedroom pet. Both in fairy tale land, and in Storybrooke. I hate the Queen, but I think I’d do this, too. Come on. Look at him:

So, anyhoo, Graham slowly figures out the truth: from Henry, the wolf-guide who’s been showing up all of the sudden, and then from Emma’s kisses. He breaks up with Regina which we just KNEW couldn’t be a good thing. Around this time in the episode, I got scared that the spoilers I’d heard about last week were going to come true: That Graham was going to die. We knew someone was going to be killed off, but my guess was it could be Ruby’s Grandmother… that actress is only listed as being in 3 episodes this season, whereas Jamie Dornan was listed as being in all 22 episodes. They kept showing a wolf in the previews, so if you draw the conclusion about what happens to Granny when the Big Bad Wolf shows up… you can kind of see why I thought the old biddy was gonna croak.

NOPE! This show went ahead and killed Graham instead. Those heartless bastards! They gave us a fascinating backstory that really could have played out well if they let it and then BLAM. Murder. Done. Oh, that character we just spent a whole episode making sure you cared about? Yeah, we just killed him. (Nefarious twirl of a mustache)

This is such a LOST move. And it’s a dick move, to be sure. I never cared for Boone, but everyone online is comparing this to Boone’s death. But at least LOST let Boone have a whole season. This was maybe the 7th episode or something. Way, way too early.

Well, even though I am really bummed out that they did this, I am also impressed. Those writers are fearless, man! And ruthless. They will sink in the hooks and then tear them right out again, ripping the audience’s emotions right open. They did this so well on LOST (man, I still get upset as hell about Libby) and now, here they are, doing it again on Once Upon a Time. I’m a sucker for this stuff, even though I know it’s not going to be pretty. I can’t NOT watch their work unfold. I love that they made me care this much, that they made me this upset over the death of a fictional character. (After all, it’s not just the loss of my favorite hot guy on the show that I’m mourning; it’s what I was hoping this character would add to the ongoing narrative.)

I found a blog that’s devoted to this character, and of course everyone on there is really sad about Sunday’s development. I do love the animated GIFs people have made. Very entertaining.

Well, there you have it: the smoldering, foreign (!) hotness of Jamie Dornan is gone. It’s not fair, though: remember how excited I was that I had someone to look at every week that I was all ooooooh about? Because, after all, there’s almost nothing with Ben Barnes to see in this country. Boo. Back to the drawing board.

This concludes my thoughts on “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.” We can all get back to our regular schedules now.


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  1. That picture of Snow is cracking me up. I wasn’t a HUGE fan of the sherriff, but that is really messed up that they killed him off like that. And yes, totally “Lost”ian of them.

    Were people really that upset about Boone, though? I honestly can’t remember.

  2. No, I don’t recall people being upset about Boone… but that could be because I didn’t start watching the show live until the beginning of Season 3. I’m pretty sure the online parallels are based on “token hot guy gets killed off” for the most part, in this case.

    I’m waiting for the camera to pan past the local used car lot in Storybrooke to see a blue and white VW van there. Or a custodian (or a skeleton? Heh!) with the name “Roger” on his jumpsuit. All the LOST details just make me happy.

  3. I wonder if he will be in flashbacks and pieces of other characters’ stories, if he’s listed as being in all 22 episodes…?

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