Trouble under da hood


When the engine light comes on, it’s scary stuff. It came on in my beloved little car this morning, and around that same time I realized that the engine coolant temperature gauge had not budged off of zero during my entire commute to work… and blam, just like that, my car’s health and well-being was pushed to the front of my mind.

I called my Dad and it could potentially be serious. It could also be as simple as being low on coolant. Either way, I have got to get it to a mechanic today. As soon as possible.

I read my car’s manual, almost cover to cover, and couldn’t figure out how to do anything beyond checking the fluid level, which I just went out to the parking lot and did. Sure enough, it is kind of low. Because it could just be low coolant, I’m going to risk taking my car to Jiffy Lube after work for an oil change and to have them top off the fluids. Maybe once the computer is reset after all of that, the car will be fine.

And if not… if it needs bigger work… I’ll cave and take it to a Chevy dealership. I’d go to a local mechanic but I don’t have one at the moment. I’m so not looking forward to spending tons of money on car repairs right now. Not when I still have to pay off the MRI bill and it’s Christmas. But, whatever I have to do is what I’ll do, I guess. I can’t do without a working car. Anyway, I’ve got my fingers tightly crossed that this is all happening because I’m low on coolant.

Car rant over!!


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  1. IT’S FIXED!
    And it *was* simple, thank the gawds in heaven. I jsut needed more coolant added to my coolant tank, and then the computer had to reset itself after I turned the car on and off a couple of times. WHEW. I was quite relieved!

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