I really found a good one!


So I just got home from a date with Jason. We had an open-ended idea to just meet at Tempe Marketplace and walk around, get a few drinks maybe, and just talk. It was really so much fun!

And I am gonna say it, right now: I LIKE this guy.


And he likes me too!

We went to two different restaurants during happy hour and we had some appetizers for dinner; steak quesadilla at the Mexican place, and spinach/artichoke dip at a neat new British-themed bar. It was freezing tonight, and it’s an outdoor marketplace, so it was a little tough to wander outside as much as we might have on another night, but it was also kind of beautiful and Christmasy, too. The place was decorated so well, and there are elegant outdoor fireplaces throughout… it was so pretty. We also wandered in Barnes & Noble for about an hour. We spent the most time in the humor section, just laughing our asses off at some of the best books.

We got some hot tea at a tea shop (so adorable!) and wandered into a gallery, where we sat in a room with photos of people all over the walls and wood sculptures that were made to look like river rocks and I ended up spitting/spilling hot tea all over myself and the floor (a little) because I laughed at something he said.  He really makes me laugh, and I make him laugh, too. We are a good match. REALLY good!

Finally, we saw a movie on a whim. “Midnight in Paris.” (The new-ish Woody Allen movie) It was a very cute date movie, too. One of Woody Allen’s best movies in recent years, in fact. Talk about a gorgeous movie! I want to go to Paris!

We held hands throughout the movie. He’s such a gentleman, and so polite and sweet. It’s endearingly cute. He showed me about 200 photos on his phone before the movie started, and I was genuinely into seeing more about his life and interests. My father would adore this guy… he rebuilds engines, like my Dad, but Jason does it for a fun hobby. His work is gorgeous–all powder-coated and neatly welded. And the best part is that in several shots taken in his garage, his three daughters were hanging around, building stuff of their own and sitting inside cardboard-box “cars” and generally being adorable, pretty little tomboy-esque girls. You can tell he is crazy about his kids. He misses them so much. (They live in Colorado, with his ex-wife… he sees them about once a month. The oldest is his stepdaughter and she is about 14. His two daughters are 11 and 9 years old. All of them are natural-looking beauties, honestly. Just the kind of cool, laidback kind of smart girls the world needs more of, if you know what I mean.)

After the movie, I just decided to go for it, and I stopped in front of him as we were leaving the theater and just planted a little kiss on him. He was so giddy about it, I was immediately CRAZY a bout him. He wasn’t all gross, pushy guy about the kiss… he clearly likes to move slowly and deliberately, and when we kissed a bit more before we left for the night, it was gentle, sweet and kind of perfect. We were giggly and nerdy.

I will see him again on Friday. He’s coming back for Second Friday again, which is awesome! And he said he hopes my sister and BIL go again so he can talk to them some more this time! He sincerely wants to get to know them. It doesn’t feel forced or like he is putting on a front. Believe me, after X, I am on the lookout for ANYthing that seems insincere or too-good-to-be-true. Jason’s really a great guy, though, and I’ve been talking to him since September and so far there has not been ONE red flag. Seriously. Nothing. I think he’s legitimately a nice man. One of the good ones.

I’m very happy about this.

Good night!


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