“I’ve been snappin’ necks, writin’ checks.”


Last week turned out to be pretty bad for my work articles. I had two authors contact me to tell me they would no longer be able to make their deadlines… a couple of sources back out of stories… people going on vacation and forgetting they’d committed to being interviewed a couple months back (and when I emailed a friendly reminder, he was very surprised, apologetic and then, excited for his vacation; sigh)… articles coming in at sub-par levels of professional writing…

It got bad. Of five articles I was coordinating or writing, THREE had major issues all of the sudden. I had to scramble in a big, big way. My boss was all concerned and wanted to know what was going on and why this happened and that made me all stressed and scared I would be in trouble…ahh! But I told him that no matter what, I would have all three problem articles taken care of in time to meet the deadline. And I meant it.

The deadline is Monday 11/28. As of right now, I have written two of the three articles. All that’s left is the one I am ‘ghostwriting’ from an interview I did with someone on Monday. I’ll write that over the 4 day weekend. And BOOM. Did it. I fixed everything. There is no reason to doubt me! If I say I’m gonna do something, I will do it. Damn it.

So, now that this crisis is just about over (ghostwriting a column shouldn’t take as long as pulling together the two complicated feature articles from scratch), I feel a lot better about going into the 4 day weekend. Sure, yes, I do have to work but it’s not as bad as it could have been. Now I can relax a little and focus on having an awesome Thanksgiving dinner over at my sister’s brother-in-law’s house (no cooking involved for us, woo hoo!), hopefully seeing the new Muppet movie, and probably seeing a boy or two, too. (Sam has had friends in town since last Friday, and Jason’s got his three kids here from Colorado until Saturday… but both want to hang out after everyone goes home.)

And TONIGHT is a very cool event… I’m going to see a show with my sister and friend Amy– BIL is coming, too, but my sister is surprising him with what it is we are doing so in the off-off-off chance he reads my blog anymore, I won’t say what it is we are doing, exactly. But I expect to laugh a whole lot. 

Little snippets of stuff:

* I have scratches all over my arms and hands from Sunday, when I tied up the two biggest trees in my yard using these rubber-and-wire ties I bought at the hardware store. The trees have been drooping in bad directions. I got everything staked up again the right way, but it was only later when I realized I’d also gotten scratched up in the process. One person at work asked me if my cat “got to me” and I had to laugh. Not this time! The trees got to me, that’s what. The cats are blameless. For once.

* I do love Gremmy. He’s my constant companion and the biggest cuddler I’ve ever had. He and Hurley are now tied for kisses and love… both of them are nutty about licking my face like crazy until I squeal and squirm away. Hurley’s kisses are soooo wet and sloppy; Grem’s kisses are rough and painful. Either way, while I am quite excited about their obvious affection for me, I still don’t enjoy the kisses very much. Poor guys. I’m always shoving them away, going, “No, don’t!” Meanwhile, all Simon wants is for me to rub the feathery sides of his head until he finally lowers himself down into a lying-down position, purring and making little happy chirping noises. It’s times like this where I am just smitten with Simon’s simple, mellow and sweet presence. And lack of licking.

* I’ve done a preliminary budget for the first half of 2012 and it looks like, if I do everything I plan to do, I will be able to get the exterior of my house painted in March! Yay! As for the other stuff I mentioned on the last post, all of that will happening in the order I said. I will be getting the plumbing taken care of either this weekend or next week; and hopefully the Christmas bonus will go towards the new phone. It’s not the most fun way to use the money, but it is the BEST possible way to use it. Plus I still plan on getting a simple, dumb little phone. I will not be posting to Facebook from a phone anytime soon.

* A bunch of people in this office are going home for the day already because their bosses are letting them out early before the 4 day weekend. Not our main boss lady, though: She’s not likely to tell us we can leave until it’s 4:25 or something. I think she forgets we are here, sometimes. It’s weird.

* I still need to do some messin’ around with my iPod and iTunes this weekend. I had to go back to the factory settings and wipe everything off of my iPod this past week and it sucked. I learned the lesson to always make my playlists in iTunes and save them there; copying them to the iPod. That way if I ever have to reset the iPod again, boom, everything is still right there. That’s great, for my laptop, anyway. My big issue is that about 80% of all my music is on my old PC. And at the moment, that bastard PC isn’t recognizing my iPod. I don’t know what to do because nothing even registers that it’s plugged in, although the iPod itself is reading that it’s connected and everything (and the USB cable works just fine with the laptop so I don’t think that’s the issue)… all I want to do is find a way to combine everything onto one iTunes, if that makes sense. As it is right now, totally different music is saved on iTunes on each computer I have. I think I have to get it all onto the laptop.

This probably means copying everything to my external storage drive and saving it on the laptop, manually. And then making more playlists with the “old” music, too. Basically, make the PC obsolete. Poor PC. It’s been a good machine all these years, really. But I need to make a choice, apparently, when it comes to my music. Unless anyone knows differently, that is. Anyone…?

(By the way, I registered both computers using the “homeshare” button on iTunes, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything to connect my two ‘puters through iTunes. Ugh.)

PS: The quote in my headline is from Stepbrothers…which I can’t stop quoting these days for some reason! I just love it so much. “You and your mother are hillbillies!”


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