Please to give me more dollars, please?


I was just thinking that I have quite a list of things that I would like to get with any potential Christmas bonus check we might get at work this year. Well, OK, the list isn’t really that long, but I don’t know how to pick and choose when in reality a bonus won’t be more than a couple hundred bucks. Right now, by priority, the things I need are:

1) Plumbing fixed out front. The irrigation main is constantly leaking, even after the landscaper has returned a few times to fix it. Time to call in a professional and get it fixed once and for all.

2) New cell phone. I still have about 8 months or so on my 2-year contract and don’t qualify for a new phone yet, but I do really, really need one. I’m still using my sister’s old backup phone– and I have been using it since August. I have to stop procrastinating and get a phone. And I’m considering getting a slightly more advanced phone than my usual MO. A Smart phone? Me? I don’t know about that. But at least one with a slide out keyboard could be cool, making it easier to text and stuff.

3) A new bike. I’ve pretty much decided that rather than fix my old bike and spend at least $100, I might want to spend just a bit more and get a newer bike. Especially since I want to do more riding on roads in the coming year; it would be cool to get something with thinner tires and a lighter frame. Biking is going to be my main exercise now that I can’t do the jogging/running.

4) Pay the handyman to come out and do the electric work I need done, and also install a new mailbox. Technically, I could do this stuff myself once I read up on it and take all the precautions, but I’m still terrified of getting electrocuted while up on a ladder. Or screwing up and blowing fuses all over the place. And as for the mailbox, the whole thing is rusted and warped, and the pole seems brittle and like it will snap if I slam the door of the box. I really need a new post put into the ground, and that involves digging and setting in cement, both of which I really should NOT do. I have to be smarter about what I do and don’t do for my back.

5) Finally get wood or faux wood blinds in the kitchen and master bedroom. I’m so tired of the cats jumping up into the kitchen window that I’m thinking shutters might be the better option out there, in fact. I have these cheap red curtains on the window now and nothing else, and in the summer it’s too hot and the material attracts cat hair like it’s scotch tape. It sucks to have a totally clean kitchen–counter, the sink, etc.– and have all this horrible cat hair on the curtains above all of it. It makes everything else cancel out, and I look like I have an unsanitary kitchen. Grrr. I’m done with it. Sorry, guys. I love you both, but cats just don’t belong in kitchen windows.

I’m all grouchy today for some reason. I didn’t sleep well last night, again, and then I have an ear ache and headache that’s growing as the day goes on. I have plans to hang out with my sister tonight; then Sam tomorrow night; and go to a concert on Friday night… I can’t be getting sick right now. I want to do FUN things! Damn it!


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  1. LOL, right as you were probably typing the above comment, I was just telling my boss how I am strongly considering the Amazon Fire tablet for my little wish list. I already buy all my music and books through Amazon, so it would make sense. Now, buying this with any bonus $$ would purely be for fun, of course. Besides, I’m still not really ready to try reading e-books. I just lurv my damn paper books so much! Nothing like the feel and portability of a book; of flipping pages and smelling ink and paper…

  2. 🙂 It does look like a good one, and that’s coming from someone who is e-reader averse and not much into/impressed with technology.

  3. If you get the Kindle Fire, let me know. I have a site I use where I download all my stuff from and never have to pay a cent. It’s invitation only so I would have to invite you in. A little more time consuming in that you have to download them to a program and then convert them into another program so they go on your Kindle fine, but worth it in the long run if you want to try out a bunch of different books. I have about 60 or so on my Kindle now so I am all set for vacation and don’t have to worry about packing extra books if the ones I bring suck. 🙂

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