His travel photos…


…are making me giddy.

Whose travel photos?

The guy from Match, Ben. He sent me a link to his Pikasa gallery and holy shit, he has been to some incredible places! He’s been to Africa four times because he’s always felt a connection to it since he was a little kid. He’s also been to Japan, Romania, Egypt and a bunch of other places I don’t even recognize when I read the names of the cities. He’s into learning. The photos he takes are of nature, mostly, or the beautiful things people create (like one set he took of a cemetary in Romania where there are over 800 graves and each stone is hand-painted and carved with scenes and phrases… I should have copied it to share here, actually, it was really cool) and there’s a sense of peace that is conveyed in every shot. I don’t know, this guy is definitely the most intriguing person I have met on Match. As much fun as I have with the Air Force guy, I feel almost like we are just destined to be friends, since we have yet to meet and everything we send to each other is completely goofy. This Ben person is fascinating and I really hope to sit down and talk to this man, sometime soon. The more I learn, the more I am intrigued.

Here are two of his Uganda photos:

Maybe they don’t look like much here, but he wrote a detailed description about the first photo in an email he sent me last night, and that’s what did it. That’s what sucked me in. I guess he was stuck on the road in that first photo, their car in the red mud because of heavy rains… he said the colors were just electric, and that a little way down this road there was a tea plant farm, and the leaves were “shimmering and iridescent” and he tried in vain to get a photo that captured what he was seeing, but it was impossible. He’s clearly passionate about this stuff. And that is SO ATTRACTIVE.

His favorite place is my favorite bookstore, Changing Hands. And he loves to eat at Wildflower, one of my favorite places. Pretty cool!

OK, I just wanted to yammer on about this for a few minutes so I can get it out of my head and finish my work. I’ll let you know if I end up meeting this guy soon. 🙂


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