Shadows on film


I had my MRI on Saturday morning. It was a piece of cake. It helps that this is my third MRI, and I knew exactly what to expect. I even dressed accordingly, without one bit of metal anywhere, so I wouldn’t need to change into a gown. I just went in, hopped up and they slid me into the machine. About half an hour later, it was complete. They gave me copies of the films because I need to bring them with me to see any specialists I end up seeing, and that was it.

I didn’t look at the films because it’s not like I know what I am looking at, really. I need a doctor to read the results, of course. Yet, last night, I ended up feeling pretty curious and decided to just look through a little and see if anything in the area I know to be affected looked weird.

It did. Two of my discs look like they’re herniated/ruptured, etc. It’s obvious because the discs and vertebrae further up in my spine are solid, healthy and uniform. Then you get to the lower back area, and it’s a different scene. My discs don’t show up as bright as the healthy ones, and there are obvious bulges that lean into the dark, white stripe that I believe to be a nerve (spinal cord, maybe?).

This isn’t my MRI, but it’s an image I found online that’s a close resemblance to what I saw on my own films:

Again, because I don’t know for sure what I am looking at and only a doctor will be able to tell me for sure, I just need to see what happens and go from there. At the moment, I’m waiting for the doctor to call to say they received the results from the MRI and would like me to come in to talk about them.

There was one set of films that kind of alarmed me, though. On this set, a black “smudge” appears next to my spine. It’s only in the one area where the pain is, but it looks really weird and out of place. I have no clue what that shadow could be. It’s just a black area where it appears it should be white. Hmm. Do I have a hole in my spinal column or something?! Who knows? Of course, it got my mind whirring away last night and I knew that I shouldn’t have looked. I knew this kind of thing could freak me out (most likely, unnecessarily, too) and yet I looked at the films anyway. I’m an idiot sometimes.

Besides the MRI, I didn’t do very much this weekend. I went out with my Mom on Friday night for dinner and we hit a few stores that sell Halloween costumes, but I didn’t find the things I might need. On Saturday Hurley went to the groomer and when I picked him up, his fur was MUCH SHORTER than I had ever expected them to cut it. I was alarmed at first! I thought about what that one weird groomer told me about cutting a Sheltie’s hair– that once you cut it, it never grows back the same way. I raised this concern to the new groomer and she said that wasn’t true… especially not in Hurley’s case. They didn’t shave him down to the skin or something. He’s just got short hair now. They did this same length all over for the most part so he’d look uniform. Some areas back by his butt and rear legs were hopelessly matted and it was better to just cut it all off. I feel like such a bad momma to him! I mean, what kind of owner lets her beloved dog get mats in his fur like that?! It’s not from a lack of me trying to get them out though, I can tell you that: I brush that dog every single night. The problem is that he only tolerates brushing on the first half of his body. Once you get to the hip area, he freaks out like I am going to hurt him. I try anyway, going super light and slow, talking to him to reassure him, trying to give him treats so he will make a positive association to me brushing back there, but nothing has worked in the 2 years I have owned him. Someone must have been pretty rough with him in the past or something. It’s such a shame. Still, on the bright side, his first half always looks very nice. So he’s not entirely neglected.

Although I was concerned about my sheltie that doesn’t look like a sheltie anymore, my sister thought he looked absolutely adorable. And Hurley himself was prancing around, hopping and smiling, so I think he feels pretty nice at the moment. So, I’m decided not to be concerned about this hair cut. I think it was the correct thing to do and with his hair so short, now is the time for me to really condition him into thinking it is OK for me to brush him back there. I already started last night with the soft cat’s brush, and he even seemed to like it after awhile! I’ll keep this dog impeccable, yet.

I didn’t do anything else of note this weekend. I was lazy as hell, in fact. I napped a lot, and did a lot of lounging around reading and listening to music. I should have mowed the grass. I just never felt like it. I’m a little concerned about my laziness, but honestly, it’s not as bad as I probably think it is. I know people who are much lazier than I am and they don’t seem to have a care in the world. I do have cares, and I do eventually handle all of them, but really, the key word here is “eventually.” Not “promptly.” I’d like to be a promptly kind-of girl one of these days.

I didn’t even watch any movies or anything except for the rest of the first episode of The Walking Dead yesterday (in the daylight) as well as all 5 of the web episodes of that show that are on the AMC website. Pretty good stuff! And then, I watched some parts of District 9 or whatever movie was playing on basic cable as I scrolled through, absent-mindedly. It was non-eventful.

Now I am back at work, feeling sore and sleepy and not at all motivated to get things done, yet again. I wish I had a jolt of energy and I’m not talking about taking another 5 Hour Energy. I’m talking like being hit by lightning kind of stuff. The “no screwing around” type of thing.

My blog’s boring. Time to shut this post down and move on with my day.



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  1. Ooh, yeah it’s probably not a good idea to try to draw conclusions until you talk to an actual medical-type person. At least you didn’t do what my dumb ass would have done, i.e., Google That Shit. Nothing good can come of that.

    As for Hurley, I like his new short-haired look!

  2. LOL, of *course* I Googled That Shit. Like I could help it. I had to do it, I couldn’t resist. The good news is that I didn’t find anything out about the black smudge-thing. I do need to wait for a doctor to tell me what the hell that is.

    I’m glad you like Hurley’s new cut! I am completely in love with it. As more time goes by, I’m crazy about being able to cuddle with him and pet him without ending up with gobs of hair all over me. And he seems happy. He’s been very animated the past few days… it’s so cool. 🙂

  3. Inflammation, maybe?

    I find it so uncanny that you and another friend of mine are both having almost the same issues, in the same places, and even had MRIs on the same day.

    I think, re: the Hurley fur, it’s more about cutting it so short that it would cause a change in texture. I agree that it’s more of a concern if shaving completely, and probably once everything grew all the way back out it would normalize over time.

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