When Ragu is the Devil


On Wednesday night, I made a simple bowl of ziti with marinara sauce for dinner. A very routine dinner for me; just boiled some pasta, heated up the sauce, added shredded parmesan on top and ate it.

A little while after eating, I had heartburn. I took a swig of Pepto and it simmered down. I went to bed.

Around 2:30am, I woke up all sweaty and feeling NOT RIGHT. And so began several hours of vomiting. Uggggh. I couldn’t lie back down in bed because lying down made the nausea much more intense, so I ended up sitting at the kitchen table, trying to distract myself with my laptop in between trips to the hall bathroom, until sometime after 5am. It sucked.

But Gremlin was all kinds of endearing yesterday. For one thing, I realized this was the first time he’d seen me throw up. He was fascinated and weirdly scared or something. He perched on the sink and watched me, pupils dilated… and he would meow loudly every once in awhile. His meow sounds like the word MEOW when he does it, so it’s really cute. He made me smile in the middle of feeling absolutely like shit.

He spent the whole day at my side. He licked my arm and my cheek and forehead. He was very nurturing; even more so than my dog! Hurley’s been there, done that, and while he is still very sweet and hung around with me all day, too, he wandered off often to go eat, sleep, go outside, etc. Gremlin followed me from room to room without fail, even if it meant waking up from a deep nap to follow me. I swear, I was so taken by this cute little guy yesterday… it made my day.

I did finally feel better as the day went on, and ate some turkey and a piece of provolone by 7pm. (Hey, it’s what I felt like eating.) I didn’t feel really sleepy until midnight or so, though; probably because of all the sleeping during the day yesterday. So today, I feel a little drowsy and achy. But at least I am better. 🙂

Tomorrow is my MRI appointment. I go at 9am. Then afterwards, Hurley has an appointment at the groomer. Lots of little tasks tomorrow. I’m also closer than ever to narrowing down my Halloween costume ideas, so hopefully I can get any necessary costume elements this weekend and start pulling things together. I love puns and keep thinking of stupid costumes that probably wouldn’t amuse anyone but myself, but who cares… that’s all I want to do, anyway! The Party City flyer came in the mail yesterday and as I was looking at all these lame store-bought costumes, and had the idea of wrecking a Snow White costume a little bit, carrying a half-finished six pack of cheap beer and tease up the hair and be Snow Whitetrash. Yeah…? I feel like it had to have been done before, but it’s new to me, so… so what?

I don’t have much else going on yet. Which is fine. I do plan to get more done on my book this weekend, too! I downloaded some new music last night that should help me plow through a few more scenes. (I just love writing to music.)

Hope it’s a good Friday wherever you bitches are. Pass the booze.


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  1. I like the costume idea.

    What I can’t get my head around is ready-made pasta sauce. I grew up making my mom’s recipe, and have lately ventured as far as cooking down my own fresh tomatoes into tomato paste so as not to have to make my own sauce from canned tomatoes/paste. I don’t think I could suffer the stuff in the jar.

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