From robots to zombies: My weekend


It was a pretty decent weekend, actually. On Friday night I went to 2nd Friday with my sister and BIL, and another couple we’re friends with. It was fun, although it was still a little too hot out. Since the theme was “Robots and Zombies” I wore the sweater my sister made for me a few years ago. She embroidered a robot and the words “The humans are dead” on the front, and I love it. And when someone actually gets the reference, I feel like jumping up and down in happiness at finding a fellow FotC fan.

We hung out pretty long Friday night, having dinner at an old favorite restaurant I haven’t been to in years (it’s the scene of the crime–the place where I met X for the first time) and laughing very hard at free-association type of stuff. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday I slept in a little and then went over to the blood bank to make a donation. They told me I qualified to be a “power red” donor. This meant giving twice the number of red blood cells than a normal donation would take. They take one unit, separate it into plasma and red blood cells, and return the other components and some saline back to you; and then do this process a second time. It takes a little longer than a normal donation, but it all happens through one needle that also happens to be smaller than the normal needle. I agreed to try it. I was geekily excited to be doing a more hard-core donation, too. I’m weird.

First, they had the usual challenge of figuring out where my veins are. It takes a lot of feeling around and decision-making (“is this the better vein, or this one?”) and then, apparently, my best vein goes “deep” which means they need to press the needle deeper in. It doesn’t hurt me more, but it does present a challenge to the plebotomist. If they go too far, it could go right through my vein and we don’t want that, of course. Anyway, they finally got the needle in and blood was flowing, and there was no problem. I was fascinated by the machine that was separating my blood. It’s pretty amazing seeing the plasma and the red blood cells-only bags.

Everything was going OK until they began to do the first “return” of fluids. I noted that it felt a little cold, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. But then the technician came over because the machine started beeping urgently, and I look down to see a little bubble-bump under my skin around the needle, like something was swelling up there. Apparently, my veins were not “accepting” the return fluids for some reason – it’s not a common issue. They decided to “cut off” the power red donation, and stop for the day. So, in essence, I gave the equivalent of one normal whole blood donation. That’s fine. The technician was very sorry about the inevitable bruise I was going to have now. Of course something freaky has to happen with me. I was amused in my usual, sick way.

Now I do have a very dark bruise on my inner elbow, from the blood spilling out right under the surface of my skin. I admit I thought about poking it to drain the blood out at one point, but common sense got the better of me and I left it alone. Today, I put a bandaid over the majority of the bruise because when I was in my morning meeting today, my boss and co-worker were very visibly grossed-out by it. Neither of them can handle needles well, and they looked at me like I was crazy for doing that to myself voluntarily. It’s definitely not as noticeable now that it’s covered up. I plan to wear long sleeves on my date tomorrow night, too.

I spent some time watching some of the shows on my DVR, since I am getting closer to cancelling cable. I took naps. I did some cleaning, and was ultimately able to cross almost everything off my to-do list. The things I didn’t get to was mopping my floors (I hate doing that so much, since it hurts my back) and taking Gremlin back down to the humane society so they could re-microchip him. (His chip fell out right there in the humane society on the day I adopted him; they found it later and realized it was his, so they called me to bring him back down to be re-chipped.) I never got around to doing this all summer, mostly because I didn’t want to drive him a long distance in the car with all the heat we had. Even with the A/C, I know air flow isn’t that great in those carriers. Anyway, yesterday I attempted to take him down there.

I couldn’t get the bastard into the carrier no matter how much I tried! After three attempts (with breaks between each to give him time to calm down), I gave up. I’ll do it next weekend. I know I can get my Mom or sister to come over and hold the crate steady while I maneuver the mad honey-badger of a cat inside with both hands. He acted like I was killing him– yowling, scratching, twisting… it was actually humorous in its over-the-topness.

I did my grocery shopping and finished cleaning (bathrooms, ugh) and then settled in for a night of “The Walking Dead” because last night was the second season’s premiere. With the exception of shopping, everything was a bad idea. For one thing, I’m now incredibly achy and sore from the scrubbing and cleaning. I knew I would be, because I always am when I do that, but with the sciatica symptom added to the pain, it’s extra painful. And then, I realized I probably won’t be able to watch “The Walking Dead” as it airs, because it airs at night. Thinking back to last season, I saw all of those on DVR, usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when the sun was out. Things are never as scary during the day. Last night, I got really freaked out and decided to give up halfway through the episode. I’ll watch it… this weekend, probably. Not at night.

Now, I need to make a few phone calls. I need to call the MRI imaging place back, since they called to schedule my appointment; my home insurance guy is calling about trying to get me back for car insurance and I really think I’ll go for it if he can cut me a better deal than Progressive did. I’m still mad that Progressive wouldn’t cover my windshield replacement 100%. (It turned out I don’t have “full glass coverage.”)

So, here we go with a new week. I hope it goes well for all of us! Good luck!


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