Norwegian Movies Don’t Suck


For the very first time in my life, I’ve found a reason to be somewhat proud of my heritage. I say somewhat. I’m still not over-the-moon with happiness regarding being Norwegian and German… but at least there’s something to like, now.

Last night, I finally watched Trollhunter. It’s streaming on Netflix right now, so go check it out. It’s just fun. It’s a fake documentary, kind of like Blair Witch Project, but not as creepy. And the camera isn’t swinging all over the place constantly, making one feel almost seasick watching the movie.

Friends have been telling me about this movie for almost a year now. I had a couple chances to see it in the cool new indie movie theater downtown, but missed it. Some friends saw it online and raved about it. And finally, my boss saw the movie last weekend and he literally ordered me to watch it so we could talk about it. Seriously! He was upset I didn’t watch it this weekend, and then not on Monday or Tuesday nights. So this morning we got to have a little chat about the movie and what we liked about it and everything… it was awesome. My boss is clearly abusing his power; making his employees watch Norwegian dark fantasy movies and stuff… sheesh.

If you’re curious, check out the trailer! And then, go watch it!

There was another cool movie that came out of Norway recently: Dead Snow. This one’s a zombie movie. The twist is that the zombies are Nazis. Yeah! And there’s a reason they are attacking the people in the movie–the victims have some of the Nazis’ gold coins and the zombies want ’em back. It’s no deep, intellectual plot, that’s for sure. But it’s still fun in that zombie movie kind-of way. Some of the effects are laughably bad, but I got the sense they did that on purpose. There are definitely moments that are flat-out comedic. Anyway, this one’s a little gory and possibly scary (if zombies scare you), but I can still recommend it to almost anyone. The Walking Dead is waaaaaay scarier than this.

So, there you have it: Two movies out of Norway, and they do NOT suck!

Maybe Norway is more than just a barren place where people eat fish-based foods (lutefisk, anyone? Anyone?) and occasionally partake in whaling. Boo. After seeing these movies, I feel a certain kinship I’ve never had before. You know what… I like the way these people think!


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  1. Hey, I’ve actually seen Dead Snow! I think Netflix suggested it. I can’t even watch The Walking Dead (and I’d like to) but this movie was so over-the-top the zombies didn’t scare me at all.

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