Please to have do-over?


This isn’t a good day, so far.

Yesterday was bad. I was unable to pick up my prescriptions from Walgreens thanks to their ridiculous Saturday hours (what kind of pharmacy doesn’t open until 10am??) so I went a full day without my brain chemicals. You know, the ones I need to keep things stable. The ones I can’t quit cold-turkey without severe side effects. UGH.

The good news about Saturday was that I got to spend the day hanging with R and my sister out in Glendale, where we had a great lunch and wandered all around an open-air market thing and in and out of cool antique stores. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday, and I didn’t feel weird or anything despite having no meds in my system. I tried to pick up my pills on my way back home, only to find out the pharmacy closed at 6pm. I pulled up at about 6:11pm. I was so pissed off!

I woke up yesterday at 7:30 or so; got up and let Hurley out, fed the cats and everything, and thought: I will go back to bed for one more hour. I still felt tired. So, by 8am, I was back in bed. I hardly ever sleep more than an hour at a time once I have woken up, so I wasn’t worried about waking up around 9am.

The only thing was, I woke up at 1pm. I slept FIVE hours?!?!

Yes, I did. I know it’s because of the lack of meds. I felt so wonky and dizzy. I took a shower, ate some breakfast and drove over to the pharmacy where I was FINALLY able to get my meds. I came home, took them, and waited for them to kick in. I was pissed off about losing my entire morning because I’d had plans to use the leaf blower out front, vacuum, get laundry done, bake some homemade cookies, clean my bathroom, and hopefully begin prepping it for painting this week. Instead, the only things I did get finished yesterday was throwing my sheets through the wash and putting new sheets on the bed; cleaning the catbox (hey, this is a given –like brushing my teeth–  and doesn’t count as a real accomplishment!) and putting a new bulb in my car’s left rear blinker, since the old one burned out the day before. Each of these activities took about 5 minutes each, tops. Not exactly a whole lot of effort.

I went to sleep again a couple times during the afternoon, trying to feel better. To top it off, my sciatic nerve was flared up again and I couldn’t get comfortable, even with ice and ibuprofen.

My sister made dinner that night for the family, so I did manage to get my ass out of the house and drive over there with Hurley (he is feeling so much better! He’s pretty much back to normal already). She made her marinara-from-scratch again, which is kind of hard to pass up. Nothing like freshly-made sauce. Mmmm! After dinner, we watched “Bridesmaids” since my Mom hadn’t seen it yet.

I realized I’d misplaced my phone someplace. I looked around my sister’s house and through my purse but couldn’t find it. I also looked all over my car, in case it was in there, but…no luck. When I got home, I searched the house carefully and still came up with no phone. What the fuck did I do with my phone? The only plausible option was that it fell out of my pants pocket when I sat down someplace, but I looked in all the places where I sat down and didn’t find it. It could be out in my sister’s backyard, maybe, but that’s a long shot because BIL looked out there for me already.

It blows not having my phone. If it’s just gone, I guess my phone book and everything that was saved on the sim card is gone, too. Son of a bitch. I’m not sure what to do about any of this at the moment. Also, I feel too crappy to want to deal with it. I’ve got a bad headache today that’s putting a real damper on my mood.

This morning I woke up still feeling sore (damn this sciatica!) and let Hurley outside, fed the cats. The usual. I noticed some poop-looking stuff on the back porch and went outside to hose it away. It wasn’t long before I realized that Hurley had some poop stuck in his fur near his tail. YAY.

It happens every now and then: he has very long hair. And sometimes, a little bit of stuff gets on the hair and needs to be wiped off or picked off (if it’s had time to dry). However, what I saw today was downright horrendous.

It appeared that he’d pooped and then sat down on it, pushing it into all the fur around his butt area. I thought I could wipe it off with a damp paper towel and be done with it, but there was no way that was going to do the trick today. This was the MOST poop I’ve seen in his hair, ever. I started gagging and hauled him into the hall bathroom, where he had an emergency bath to clean the mess up. It took at least 10-12 minutes to get it all worked out of there. There was even some gravel pushed deep into his fur back there. It was a nightmare. I’m not being dramatic or exaggerating when I say it was beyond decency. I definitely almost threw up right into the tub a couple of times.

Finally, we finished things up and I then had to set out to cleaning all the places on the floors where he’d walked since coming in the house, because he also had poop all over one of his feet, too. I still have some carpet-work to finish up tonight when I get home, since I ran out of time. But yeah, it was a tremendous mess.

It’s now 10:30 and I’m beginning to think about leaving work early today. I’m just so sore. This damn nerve just isn’t giving me a break… sitting hurts, standing hurts, walking hurts. I wish I had strong painkillers that I could take to knock myself out or something, just to get some reprieve from the pain for a little while. My head’s killing me. It’s probably left over from the not-taking-medication-for-a-day or something.

So, yes. I just want a do-over for today.



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