I’m from the 1930s, and I do not like your bullshit.


It’s time for some bullets, bitchez!

  • I finally realized I can use the actual bulleted-list button instead of using those tired ol’ astericks. OK!
  • I got my hair cut last week. It looks nice but it’s taking some practice to know how to style it correctly. I believe I need to begin incorporating the flat iron here and there… and possibly a pomade of some sort to keep the flyaways and frizz from showing up. (Is “pomade” still a thing, or am I slipping into 1930s-talk again?)
  • I had a massage last week and it was amazing. It was a 90 minute one, and I told the guy to just do whatever he had to in order to work the muscle knots out. In other news, I think I am pregnant now. 😉 Seriously though, it helped so much because I couldn’t move my head very much thanks to everything being seized up so tight. Anyone who discounts massage as a cure for certain conditions is crazy.
  • I’ve got a cold. Cough, sniff.
  • I felt crappy all weekend, in fact. As a result, I only accomplished a fraction of the things I wanted to do. I thought I would start painting my master bathroom, but that didn’t happen. I’m ready, though, to start moving stuff out of there and sanding the walls. It’ll be awesome to finally do something again. It feels like a very long time since I painted. I checked, and it was almost exactly a year ago when I painted my office– that was the last room I painted. Time to get back to it, wrap things up.
  • Totally psyched about “Fringe” following the season 4 premiere! It’s going to be another mind-f*ck season…yay!
  • Totally psyched about “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” following its first two episodes of the season! The show is back in top form. I was worried, because last year was a little bit off, for whatever reason, and it sometimes felt like they were forcing it. But so far, I have laughed so hard I cried during both episodes. They did one of the greatest music montages I’ve ever seen to the Go-Go’s “Vacation.” People did angel dust, shot people, buried bodies at gunpoint… it was incredible. Well played!
  • I was totally underwhelmed by the “The Office” premiere. Ugh. Andy as the new manager?! Why, and how? And then that Robert California guy just decides to become the CEO of the company? And what is with all the pregnancies? Either way, it’s kind of clear now that the show’s going to fizzle out fast now that Steve Carell is gone. Boo.
  • I hate laugh tracks. It’s making it tough to like “2 Broke Girls” which is a decent sitcom. Why can’t they cut that frickin’ laugh track?? Seriously!
  • I have to get back to reading. I finally picked up “Outlander” again today at lunch. I’m on chapter 9, “The Gathering,” for those of you interested in knowing how far I’ve gotten. Also, how do you find the time to burn through these books so fast? Seriously, so many of my friends seem like ultra-fast readers. I feel like you all could have read this book twice in the time I’ve spent on it. What is your secret? 🙂
  • I printed the first 15 chapters of my own book on Friday. I did it on double-sided paper, because it was about 205 pages. The stack of about 100 sheets of paper looks so big. It made me want to make the stack even bigger, by finishing this thing! Holding it in my hand and flipping through it is pretty cool. I can’t wait to be able to say “I finished it!” Soon.
  • I lost my sunglasses today. It was bound to happen. This pair made it through the entire spring AND summer without being lost! Fortunately, they only cost about $6 or something, even though they were Fossil brand. TJMaxx rocks. But I’m still sad, because they were cute. Sure, they fell off my face all the time if I looked down, and slid right off my hair if I put them on top of my head for a few minutes. But I got used to the quirks. I believe I lost them in McDonald’s, on the floor by the register. Some teen girls were in there at the time, and I think one of them snagged them. I asked at the counter if anyone had turned any glasses in. There was one pair that was turned in, but it wasn’t mine. Anyway, farewell, sunglasses. You were classy, and you didn’t make me look like a bug.
  • Gremlin’s got a thing. The thing is licking my face to wake me up. It’s painful! That tongue is rough. And he won’t stop… if I turn away, or cover my face with the sheet, he keeps coming at me. He will actually bite the end of my nose, or my eyebrow. Not hard. Just that little love-bite thing some cats do when they are being affectionate. I keep thinking I have all these little scuff-marks and abrasions all over my face. So far, I don’t, but it’s gonna happen if he doesn’t back off.
  • By the way, I love him. And I love that he does this licking-thing. Why? I don’t know! It’s cute, that’s why. Sure, it hurts and it’s annoying as shit, but he’s doing it because he loooooves me. Awwww. 
  • Hurley goes for a dental cleaning on Thursday! Finally! I feel so guilty for putting this off for so long, but at least now I’m getting it done. We already went for the pre-dental bloodwork and everything this weekend. He was so good at the vet, like usual. The techs commented on his “awesome Sheltie temperment” and it made me proud.  HOWEVER, he is overweight. He needs to lose almost 8 pounds! Oh, no! Well, we’ll do it. I think I was mindlessly giving him treats after awhile. He does all those tricks, and likes a treat as I am heading out the door to go to work or someplace else… now I will be careful and keep track of things, give him 1/2 sized treats and some natural things…
  • …and I need to do the same thing for myself. God, I feel like a tub of lard these days. I have not been eating well. Sugar reared its ugly, addictive head again. Time to get back on the healthy wagon already, because this is ridiculous.
  • My willow acacia tree is mysteriously dead. All the other trees are doing great, but that one just decided to stop trying or something. I need a new tree.
  • Still need to think of a Halloween costume.
  • I go back to the chiropractor/physical therapy place again today after work. I haven’t been there in almost two months already! Time flies. And I feel guilty because I haven’t been faithfully doing my back exercises. I don’t know why. I don’t have a fancy excuse. I’ve just been lazy or otherwise occupied. As a result, the sciatica is back. I deserve it, though. I wasn’t doing the things I need to do to keep my back healthy. Well, this is the week I get back into the good habits I lost following my trip to NJ.
  • Yes, it occurs to me–and my immediate family– that I came home very depressed after that trip. I stopped working out a lot, didn’t care what I ate, wanted to sleep and sit around doing nothing, etc. No more vacations where I come home feeling that way!
  • Hurley and I drove around on Saturday morning to check out some yard sales. I don’t know why– I never do that. But I wanted to give him a nice ride in the car following his vet visit. Anyway, I only got out at one sale that had really nice stuff. I bought a leather storage ottoman for $10, and a bike helmet for $5. The people running the sale were sitting near the garage with a big, yellow lab. I had a brief moment of panic– what if they asked me if I wanted to take the dog?? Sometimes, people ask you that. But fortunately, that dog was their dog and wasn’t going anywhere. Whew. Dodged an Olive-sized bullet on that one. No more yard sale dogs!
  • What is my problem with not removing old nail polish, even when it is chipped and looks horrible? It takes two minutes. Just do it. I don’t understand why I never remember to do this. Grrr! Well, I actually added “remove nail polish” to my written to-do list, so I can make sure it gets done.
  • End of bullets. You made it to the end– you deserve an egg cream!
  • (Uh-oh… 1930s me is talking again!)

“Someone get me an egg cream soda, straight away! I’m famished, darling.”




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  1. Eeew, egg cream. Cat love bites are the best! Barry will nip my hand if I drift off while I’m petting him. And then he does this adorable (if potentially destructive) thing where he lies on his side and uses his claws to drag himself across the carpet. I should probably stop him, but it’s so damn cute!

    I think if you get back into your workout routine, you’ll probably start feeling like your old self again. You know, because I am clearly the authority on health and working out.

  2. I am not sure how I blow through books so fast. I do have some downtime at work where I can read and I read any other chance I get so maybe that is my secret. 🙂

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