My Epic Bruise


So. I’ve got this ridiculous bruise on my left calf. It’s been there for at least 10 days now. And I have no idea how I received it. As someone who regularly loses her balance and bumps into things or does clumsy things, like spin the pedals on my bike when I’m standing at a street corner waiting to cross, and the pedals fly up and hit me in the back of the leg… it’s not unusual at all that I wind up with random bruises that I can’t explain.

I wish I could remember how this one happened. My best guess is that bike example above. The placement of the bruise seems to correspond with where a pedal would hit. But there’s really no way to ever know for sure what happened to my poor calf.

My bruise looks almost exactly like this:


That picture above is the same calf in the summer of 2008… yes, I actually have a photo of an old bruise that could easily stand in for the new bruise. I don’t know if this is creepy, sad or just plain smart. I’m going with smart. Why? Because it’s my blog, and my bruise, and I can think what I want!

This Bruise is uncomfortable as hell right now. It’s been sore ever since Saturday, when I did a 50 minute run at South Mountain. I was doing so well out there… running my intervals and feeling good, being careful going downhill so as to not strain anything by going too fast, etc… but when I was done, I noticed a tugging pain in my left calf. At first, it was all around my calf– on the left, the middle and the right sides. My shin was OK, just a little tight. After several hours, the pain localized itself to the general area of my friend, The Bruise.

I was careful for the rest of the day, putting my icepack on the area several times and not doing anything strenuous for my legs. I also used Absorbine Jr. and was surprised at how well it actually worked! I’ve always regarded that stuff as something like a placebo, to be honest. But not anymore.

I was doing pretty good yesterday, too. Then, after dinner, I mowed my lawn.

Bad idea, I guess, because the pain returned after that. I guess the strain of pushing that mower through the too-tall grass and lifting the mower to hover just over the edges of the pavers to get the grass on the edge was too much. I iced it again last night.

Today, it’s just hurting again. I’m not in pain, per se… it’s just annoying and sore. I have an ice pack on it right now. The thing is, I was pushing around on The Bruise today and I felt a solid lump underneath. I never noticed this before. I guess it could have been there all along, but I’m wondering if I should worry about this.

Like, did my running on Saturday “damage” or overwork the muscle fibers and tissues that were trying to heal The Bruise? Is that lump like a muscle knot, or should it be treated so it doesn’t cause scar tissue or something?

Hmm. I need to look into it. I know the obvious answer is, “Well, duh. Go to your doctor” but I don’t wanna just yet. I’m a cheap bastard, remember? I’d rather just find out what I can before I panic and start spending money on the thing.

And that, my friends, is my story of The Bruise. To Be Continued…?


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  1. It’s a “lovely” mystery. Very colorful. I’ve been saying it almost looks like a galaxy, or a nebula… something cosmic. I did some reading and I think I’ll be OK, but I probably shouldn’t have been running while I had this thing. I was pretty close to correct when I guessed that the tissue was healing, and by straining the muscles in that same area, I likely undid some of the healing. MY BAD.

    The day I am not hurting myself while working out and trying to be healthy will be an AMAZING day, indeed. Sheesh!

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