Outlanders, bicycles, ladies and lipstick, etc…


Bulleted list time again!

* It looks like it will rain today! I’m really psyched about that. It’s been much too long since we’ve had any precipitation and maybe now things will begin to cool off for the year. I sure hope so. We logged something like 32 consecutive days of 110+ degree heat this past month, which is a LOT of very hot days. I’m surprised more of us didn’t just drop dead, honestly. It was like the Depression here. No one was happy, everyone was poor because they spent all their money on their electric bills, and it truly began to feel like The End. But, maybe now that is all behind us and we can get back to being human beings again. I sure hope so.

* I’m reading “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon right now. Finally. It comes highly recommended by many of you!

It’s pretty good so far, too. I can’t believe I have owned this book for a really long time and never picked it up until now. Also, the author is local and I vaguely recall that she might have been a guest at one of our meetings when I was part of the Women Writer’s Association a few years ago. I have the potential to cross paths with some pretty amazing people, really… I should maybe think about doing more with that.

* I’m working on my book again. It’s not flying out of me, but it’s there, and it’s a steady, sustainable pace. I’m happy about it. And I figured out something important to the plot last night as I was driving home from hanging out with my sister. Once more, music brought it out. I absolutely adore my iPod and my eclectic music collection!

* Speaking of good music, check out The Civil Wars. So mellow… so perfect. Trust me, they are exceptionally good. (May I suggest: Poison and Wine)

* Tomorrow is another team practice at South Mountain. It’ll be a 50 minute run. I’m psyched, because the last time I went to a mountain practice it was intensely hot outside and maybe tomorrow morning will be cooler; and this time, I can work in my jogging intervals. I’ve been working hard on doing these, and doing them CORRECTLY. I made my own pace that works for me… 2 minutes of 80-85% MHR-level intensity followed by 3 minutes of a slower pace; I think the anaerobic/aerobic mix is good for right now. Sometimes, I change the intervals a bit and do 3 minutes of high intensity jogging and 4 or 5 minutes of the slower pace… and sometimes I mess with inclines on the treadmill during the slower-paced parts of the workout. Either way, I feel a decent range of muscles being exercised, so I think I’m doing a good job. I love my treadmill!! None of this would be possible without it. I haven’t run outside by myself in months. (The team practices are quite enough right now, thank you.) But soon now, the weather will be so much better and things can change.

* I’m looking forward to hiking now that I’m a little more in-shape (at least cardiovascularly-speaking!) to see how it feels and find out what I can now do. I used to like jogging on a few parts of some of the trails, but I never did it with the correct form or with any sense of structure. Now, I can try it out and see how it feels. I bet it will improve my endurance in ways treadmill or canal-running never could! It’ll be cool to work it in from time to time.

* I definitely like breaking up my workouts. I am still riding my bike for at least one workout per week, and I love those times. The only problem is that my bike really needs some maintenance. The brakes are going on the rear tire and both tires are super-old and clearly have slow leaks. By the end of my ride, I’m moving slower and it’s way harder because the tires have gone a little soft. It sucks. And it’s only a matter of time before I wind up stranded out there. So, yes, it’s time to get that poor old bike into the shop. Or consider a new one…? I suddenly have my eye on the road bikes again, instead of the pretty beach cruisers. I want something that is smooth out there, can reach high speeds, and will really let me lean into the wind. Something more like this:

I don’t know who I am becoming… I mean, I have always been kind of annoyed at the distance riders out on the roads; the people with the tight poly-blend bike clothes and fancy bike helmets, riding too close to the cars and acting like they should get special treatment because they are clearly Athletes with a capital A (I guess I have also known some very snobby riders, too).

And now I see the value in those tight clothes… those helmets… and those bikes.

I’ll never be a rider who tries to hog the road, though. Nope. I won’t be a jerk out there, if I get into this. I’ll be a jerk in my usual, non-exercise-related ways.

* I’m excited for the new TV season. Of course, I’m all amped up for season 4 of Fringe. But I’m looking forward to seeing The New Girl and a couple other new shows, too. We’ll see.

* This woman won’t stop coughing in my office. She’s been doing it all week. I know she can’t help it, but something about the tone and sound of her cough is supremely annoying.

* I realized I hate seeing women putting on lipstick. Another woman at my job re-applies her lipstick several times a day at her desk, and she is right in my line of vision so I see it all the time. She uses a little compact mirror. I don’t know why it bugs me to see her doing this, but it really does.

* I really need to begin thinking of a Halloween costume. I had a lot of fun with last year’s fucked-up doll costume… it was awesome being something creepy, and something that totally obscured my identity. But what for this year…? I have a couple of ideas, but I should spend a little dedicated time giving it some real thought.

* This made me laugh recently:

* Oh, one more thing: I got a beautiful area rug last night at Target! I wasn’t planning on getting a carpet. But my sister and I were in there, wandering around for the hell of it, and we saw that several of the area rugs were on clearance. One of them was a plush cream-colored 5×7 rug with a gray and tan cherry blossom pattern. It was originally priced $129.99. Last night, it was on sale for $31.49! After a few minutes of deliberation, I decided to buy it. It’s gorgeous, and I really could use a nicer rug in my living room. The one I have now is a 3×5 shag rug from Walmart that I got for about $19 a couple years ago. It’s crappy, and pretty small. This new rug will fit so much nicer under the coffee table and the front legs of my couch. I’m happy I got it, and can’t wait to set it up this weekend and see how it looks!

It’s the little things. Like area rugs, good music and thoughts of rain and Halloween that make it easier to work past the usual daily struggles of ennui and too-much-thinking-stress. So, I’m happy.

The end.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Hurley and his special, tiny custom-made hamburger from Labor Day:

I hate my phone’s camera. I can’t avoid those glowing eyes!


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  1. Outlander is AMAZING! I am on book 3 and can’t get enough. I dream of Highlanders each night. 🙂 Hubby is bemoaning Holly telling me about this series because I can’t. stop. reading. I read that the author is from your area so if you hear of her doing any signings let me know. I would love to come meet her.

    I watched the New Girl pilot (it was on my Tivo and I think it is on iTunes too) and it was really really good. I wasn’t sure about that show before I watched it but I laughed a lot so I will be adding it to my list.

  2. Ha ha! You’re thing with women putting on lipstick…I totally relate! It may be because I’m jealous of them because I look ridiculous with lipstick…I don’t know. But the thing that always bothers me and I don’t know why, is when the passenger in the front seat of a car, puts their feet up on the dash. I cringe when I see those bare feet sticking up like that. I bothers me to no end!!!

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