Optimistic Friday


After crashing hard last night with an intense headache, and taking three Tylenol PM tablets to ensure I slept through the entire night, I woke up today feeling a lot better in general. Whew.

Because yesterday I was so blah-ish and my brain wouldn’t function right. And it was probably because I hadn’t taken my medication yesterday morning, since I was out. I’d renewed them, of course, but never got the usual notification that they were ready to be picked up. Since this time it involved faxing the doctor to get the renewal paper, I was willing to give it a little bit of time before I panicked. Maybe my doctor’s office didn’t return the fax, yet. I decided that I’d just pick up the pills whenever I heard from the pharmacy.

Well, I never did. I ended up checking online and was surprised to see that the prescriptions were both filled and waiting to be picked up. I guess I’ve gotten so dependent on those e-mails and/or phone messages telling me they’re ready. I didn’t get to pick up my pills until after 5:30 last night, though… at the pharmacy, I figured out why I didn’t hear from anyone: Walgreens had recently shifted to a “new computer system” and not every record transferred over from the old system correctly. For instance, my address on the new prescriptions isn’t my current address: it’s the one I had TEN years ago. The phone number was my old one, as well, and the email wasn’t even close to an address I ever had. I had to give them all of my info again so they could put it into the new system. I felt bad for the pharmacy tech; it wasn’t her fault this was happening, but you could tell that this had been all she’d been doing for a long time. I’m kind of amused that  all of my old-old info came up… and a little concerned. I mean, you kind of can’t mess around with people’s prescriptions, or their prescription records. I hope nothing important was lost in my records someplace.

ANYWAY, all day yesterday I was slowly entering withdrawl from the medications. It didn’t come on suddenly. It was a slow build, throughout the day. By the time I left work yesterday, my head was just pounding and the hearing in my left ear was going in and out in that nauseous/lightheaded kind of way. I took my medications once I got them, and spent the night trying to cope with the powerful headache and resulting dizziness before I finally gave in and went to bed early.

As I said, I woke up feeling better today. I thought about it, and decided to go out on a limb and suggest meeting up with the Match guy this weekend. I sent him a quick email asking him out, and he accepted! We’re doing a perfect “first time meeting” scenario: We’ll get together at a coffee place sometime tomorrow morning. He has some obligations for the weekend already (fantasy football, which isn’t my thing, of course, but the way he described it was pretty hilarious) and it’s always better to have a relatively brief first-meeting, anyway. Having it take place in the morning is interesting, too. And since he has someplace to be by 1:00, there is a definite ending tacked on to this meeting/date.

I don’t know if it is a date, or not. Probably not. But since I still took the initiative and did the asking first, I am staking “asked him out” claim on this one. I’m proud of myself for doing it, too. In the past, when I asked guys out first, it usually went well. So…we’ll see!

At the very least, it’s going to make interesting blog fodder. And that is always a good thing!


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