Hot Author… And Facebook Friend!


Well, last night was fun!

In reality, it’s not a big deal, really. I mean, famous authors “friend” people on Facebook all the time. Well, one in particular friended me last night, and then read some of my recent posts and commented on one of them. Twice. To know this guy was looking at my page at least enough to find a post of mine that wasn’t sitting at the very top of the page made me kind of giddy. And weirdly nervous.

Because he is adorable.

I didn’t know he was adorable until I did a search for his book on Facebook so I could like it. I now know his author photo’s on the jacket flap, but I never pay attention to author photos, so while I have been reading this book, I had no idea the guy behind the words was cute. Anyway, I found his personal FB page, and even though only some of it was visible to the public, I stopped in my tracks. He’s traveling the West coast in an RV with a friend of his, just because he can. He’s got longish brown hair and dark eyes, and he smiles a lot. And he has THAT sense of humor: he has photos of scary carved watermelons, himself with glitter in his beard, several of himself dressed as a bee, etc. … But perhaps most frickin’-attractive at all is the fact that he writes the way he does. His first-person narrative is brilliant and completely unique (he’s writing from the point of view of a zombie, and it’s not all “uhhhh” and “braaaaains”… it’s fan-fuckin’tastic is what it is) I’m savoring his book right now, and I only began reading it on Wednesday night and I can tell it’s going to be one of my new favorite books. That was why I had to look his book/him up last night. I’m hooked.

I’m such a stupid, shy nerd that I am afraid to put his name on here, in case he Googles himself. Yes, you can tell me I am being stupid in the comments. Go ahead.

Maybe if I put it in the comments, it doesn’t come up in searches, anyway. But really, if you want to see for yourself the small, very-insignificant-in-reality exchange we had regarding an “Arrested Development” quote I posted, go on my FB page. Or look at the most recent book I added to my “currently reading” list on Goodreads. His initials are I.M.

I want to slap myself because I know what a silly little girl I’m being over this. But it was just so cute and fun last night, looking at his page and finding a bunch of reasons to swoon and knowing he might have been looking at mine, too.

Dude. I am really crushing on this right now.


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  1. You are right to swoon, he is definitely swoon-worthy! This is so incredible! Maybe if he comes your way you can suggest a meet up. That book you are reading sounded great but now I’ll definitely have to check it out to see what’s got you all in a tizzy. 🙂

  2. SO cute!! Now I might have to go pick up that book in support of writer man. Good for him, being a cutie but also being interesting and smart. Not many guys are capable of that you know. (I know that sounds like I’m saying hot guys aren’t smart or interesting, but well, most of them just aren’t! Sorry!)

  3. The world DESPERATELY needs more hot guys with wonderful, unique brains in their heads! And me, I definitely need that, too! 🙂

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