Smile-worthy moments


My Mom got a phone call last night from a job she applied for; it was a spur-of-the-moment phone interview! From the sound of it, she did well, and if all goes as hoped, she will get a call either today or tomorrow to go in for an in-person interview. Maybe, just maybe, she will get another job soon! (I’ll admit I’d given up hope, for the most part. I had been encouraging her to apply for volunteer positions to fill her time, in fact, and even that wasn’t panning out since she wasn’t too enthusiastic about doing that.)

And my sister is really enjoying her new job! I know she can’t blog much right now, so I’m just letting you know she loves it. They are doing two weeks of paid training right now–people who work for the company from all over the country are there for the two weeks– and then they’ll go on to start their jobs prepared. Not many jobs do that! It’s usually just jump in and figure it out as you go. I’m impressed that they are committing this kind of time and effort to training these new employees. Plus, T says she is having fun at the same time. The vibe is very happy and optimistic, and she says that people seem like they enjoy working at that company. She’s already making friends, laughing a lot… damn, I’m so happy for her!

You’ve probably seen this commercial already… and I did post it on Facebook last night too… but this is cracking me up so much right now. I love humor at the expense of little children for some reason! And robots! I loves me some robot humor. So this is perfect. Especially that final part, with the robot carrying away the little boy, and the boy is yelling and kicking his legs in the air. OMG. I was laughing so hard last night as I kept rewinding that part back over and over again, I was crying. Hurley barked at me and it was chaos. Perfect, funny chaos.


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