Too Darn Hot


Satan Update: Yesterday’s post was #666. Just fyi.

Remember how I started using Match to seek out potential dates? Yesterday a guy wrote a lengthy e-mail to me that showed he understood my weird sense of humor and also that he is highly intelligent. I was intrigued, so I wrote back last night. And he wrote again this morning! So I’m communicating with a dude. It’s so weird. But weird in a good way, of course. I am so far out of practice with how all of this dating-stuff works and I’m grateful I have my friend R to give me pointers on Match etiquette and things like that, because some of it has left me baffled. (WTF is a “wink”? Are you obligated to email back to people who only write one line like, “Hey, what’s up?” What are some key words to be vigilant for to spot the psychos? Etc. Etc.)

Either way, I might meet up with this guy next week. Until then we will email back and forth, I guess. See what happens. He’s asked me about my writing and who my favorite authors are… I’m a little nervous to tell him all my current favorite authors are YA authors for some reason, because this guy is very, very smart. He’s a lawyer, and his favorite book is The Unbearable Lightness of Being and he’s traveled all over the world… he seems sophisticated as hell, whereas I am more like a carnival worker in a lot of regards. But he does seem to like me, so I have that working in my favor!

Also, I realized I have a very stupid prejudice when it comes to guys. I am not attracted to guys who are bald.

This is stupid because I know I’m doing it only because of X. He was bald as hell. And ever since him, I see a bald white guy and I have a little moment of revulsion come over me for a second or two. It’s probably kept me from being interested in some perfectly normal, nice guys, so I have got to get over this. It’s so silly. (Actually, anything that reminds me of X has been a red flag in this Match game… if a guy likes to cook? I’m suspicious. If he is from Iowa? Same deal. Clearly, I’m a jackass.)

This guy, the one I am writing back and forth with is bald. He likes to cook. And he is also from Iowa.

But those seem to be where the similarities end. For one thing, he is black, and bald black dudes get a free pass from me because they’re hot. He says he likes to cook but he doesn’t sound like an a-hole about it. And I can’t let a person’s place of birth allow me to form stupid opinions. This guy is clearly NOT X. I have to stop thinking dumb stuff. And I will.

Like I said, this is all new to me and I have to say, I’m surprised at the strange connections I am drawing when I look at guys on that site, and the arbitrary reasons I find to not like someone. If there’s a picture of a guy skiing or snowboarding, I move on: There is no way in hell I can ever go skiing or snowboarding, with my back issues and tendency to break things.

Well, whatever. At least I know I am doing it. I don’t actually care enough to have it bother me right now. In truth, I am taking this whole dating thing as it comes. Like I said, I’m just amazed at the weird little things coming out of my brain these days. Funny how our minds work.

Speaking of minds, I sure know how to screw mine up right before bedtime. I’ve been reading those Escape from Furnace books again… the ones about the underground prison where kids are mutated/tortured/killed and the protagonist keeps attempting to find a way to escape. I just finished Book 2, Solitary, last night. These are some of the darkest books I’ve ever read, and without being exploitative, the horror is very effective. I couldn’t recommend them to a lot of people, really, because not everyone likes reading such horrible stories. But if you do like thriller/horror stuff, you might want to give these a try. They’re addictive and very hard to put down, making them a very fast read. Honestly, Alexander Gordon Smith is fast becoming one of my favorite YA authors. I can’t believe these books are written for younger people. But, then again, when I was a young teenager, I was devouring books like Pet Semetary, Misery, It, and so many bad B-movie-type horror novels it was nuts. If these books had been out then, I’d have been in heaven. Weird? Maybe. But whatever, I like what I like. 😉

But be prepared for the nightmares. I’ve had them now, two nights in a row. ICK. Bloody images, exposed muscles on mutant dogs, piles of corpses… yay! (I picture the mutant dogs looking like this, of course!)

Sweet dreams. Nothing’s been so bad that I can’t fall back to sleep or anything. But it’s still interesting, because it’s been a very long time since a book inspired nightmares. I think it’s a good sign when a book does this, if you know what I mean. It means the book is effective.

I just had my performance review for this year, and it was excellent. Maybe one of the best ones I have ever had at this company. It’s crazy what a difference a year can make. Last year I was dealing with psycho bitch-boss and her restrictive, micro-managing ways… and this year, I have a boss who completely understands the way writers have to work to do their jobs, because he was a writer up until he got the promotion. Everything got easier this year, and as a result, my writing improved and my time management was no longer a giant mess. I’m so grateful it got better, and that I survived the very bad times to come out on the other side even stronger.

Quick things:

* Gremlin has been pretty good this week! Nothing has been destroyed or broken, and for the past couple of nights he hasn’t attacked my feet as I slept. Maybe he got the message that when he does that, he gets kicked out of the room and can’t come back in. He definitely likes to be near everyone at all times– he’s not one of those solitary cats. I often catch him lounging right next to Hurley, actually. He plays with Simon all the time, but he definitely gives attention to Hurley too. It’s very nice. I’m hopeful that the good cat I know is in there will begin to outshine the troublemaker. I remain patient.

* I’ve been really unmotivated and lazy this week regarding working out. I don’t know what it is. I just feel sluggish and sleepy all the time. I know that working out will help that, of course… so it’s a terrible cycle of inactivity and bad feelings. I’m hoping I am just coming down with something that will pass in time (a weird bout of allergies? A mild flu?) and then I’ll feel like I did up until just a couple of weeks ago. Tonight is a team practice, and I am planning to go. It’s the first track practice with this new team, so I don’t know what to expect. Hopefully it won’t kill me, like the interval training did in June, with the other team.

* I still need to get a haircut. Dry, uneven ends = my hair.

* Budget challenges are improving, but continue to be ironed out. On my to-do list this week: cancel cable, try to find a cheaper cell phone plan.

* My sister is very happy with her new job so far! This makes me so glad. 🙂

* Time to get back to writing, for reals. I have lots of work to do on my main book, and then the newest third one has been knocking again, so I have some work ahead of me this week and this weekend. Yay! I love when it hits.

* It’s too darn hot.

Or, there is this version from the awesome Red, Hot + Blue album in 1990:

Either way… it really is too darn hot.


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  1. Well, it doesn’t sound like a bad thing! and at least you can suss a lot of things out via email for as long as you want. Take your time. Be yourself!. It will all be ok, whatever it is.

    Wow! Great performance review! I can’t believe how work has turned around for you! I was under the impression it was all still horrible! Good job! Nice work! Congrats!

    Congrats to your sis, too!

    Oh, and “GOOD BOYS!”

  2. Thanks! Work got better back in October or so, when the other boss took another position in another department. She’s since fired two people working under her… I keep wondering if anyone is noticing a pattern with her yet. I hope so. Meanwhile, in my dept, I still have the same main boss (the head of our department) but with my “new” boss, things have been 180 degrees different. I have fun at work again. The other writer is a wonderful woman, too, so our team is really strong. It’s such a relief to like going to work once more!

    Yes, my boys have been very good lately! Poor Hurley. We haven’t been taking walks for almost a week now because the heat is so awful right now. We keep hitting record highs, and the neighborhood still feels disgusting long after dark. But he’s holding up like a champ. I’m so lucky to have a dog like him! So adaptive, and patient. Love him, love him! ❤

  3. Man, I wish I could be there when you and R have a look at some of the weirdos who respond to you.

    Thanks for the Ann Miller. She gets bumped down when people talk about dancers but shes awesome. And you can tell shes really singing while dancing because some places shes outta breath. Todays singers suck at dancing and singing at the same time. Somebody else played that Erasure on my fb list. lurve!

    Glad Gremlin is finding his place.

  4. I am intrigued about this guy! Is it the same one who had the picture of him reading to his dog in a mad scientist costume? I thought he sounded cool. 🙂

    Just take things slow and see what happens. Remember, you are not required to do anything you don’t want to.

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