Why do you hate fun?


Dear Dark-Hearted Person in the Office,

Although it made us sad, we accept that you took it upon yourself to remove our Happy Cookie Wall last week. Maybe it had gotten a little busy; we had so much fun coming up with cookie poetry and sharing snippets of silliness to brighten our work days that the board got crowded. But it was still wrong to take it down without warning or asking us if we wanted to keep any of our works of art.

Last week, we responded with this one, simple cartoon:

And now you have taken this away, too.

Why do you prefer a blank, boring, humorless wall over our treats-table? Why must you destroy our fun? Were the cookies offensive in some way? We do not understand your ways and wish you would reconsider your poor attitude.


The Happy Cookie Brigade

PS: This is not over.


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  1. They could at least have the decency to be like, “Hey, this kind of thing is not allowed,” even if it’s not their call. Taking it down and not owning up to it is just petty.

  2. I know; if someone just said we shouldn’t be doing it, that would have been fine. But it appears someone just doesn’t like it (or feels left out or something?) and removes it, most likely in the early morning. That’s why I suspect FH, Dot. She’s here earlier than anyone, and has a way about her… hmmm.

    But really, she has partaken in cookies and treats when we have brought them in, so she should be appreciative of Happy Cookie Wall. I don’t get it. It’s a mystery.

  3. I have a few of those at my work. They ruin it for everyone else. All it takes is one stick-up-their-butt person to complain and no one gets to have any fun. Sucks. 😦

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