My initial impression of Match


It’s only been one day, and I already dislike

I knew this would happen! But I’m staying open-minded, anyway. I just want to complain about something to get it off my chest: None of these guys are interesting or hot enough! (Yeah, that’s important this time around. I know I’ve mentioned before that I really want to be physically attracted to someone in a big way, if I date again… these guys all look the same to me–generic, dull, and too many bald guys. I used to not mind bald guys, but after X, that’s ruined forever.)

I did a few searches using words that could lead me to someone I share interests with, and either no one comes up (when you mention “Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” or “Better Off Dead” for example) or the ones that do are kind of freaky/scary looking (steampunk, geek, nerd, long hair…) or say something in their profile that’s a total turnoff. Like one stocky guy only likes “slender” girls, and another is who is looking for someone to go to baseball games with him, another’s a smoker… nope.

I feel so mehhh about it. Oh, and it gets better. The guys who have contacted me seem to be doing that to everyone. The emails are generic, very brief and never mention anything in my actual profile. I haven’t replied to a single one, and I don’t plan to. And the people “winking” at me aren’t much better. I read their profiles and see red flags or undesirable stuff and lose interest. Some of them have me wondering why they would even contact me at all, based on my answers? Did the guy who “dislikes cats” even notice I mentioned I have cats– and the one photo I included of me and Simon?! So thick-skulled and lame. And desperate.

This only goes to show that my type of guy is exceedingly rare in the wild…or online, apparently. And I’m not doing any other dating sites or anything. This is it. The Big Attempt. I am quite unimpressed so far.

Yeah, it’s only the first day of 30, so we’ll see. It’s just depressing to look at the selection out there. Once more, I definitely see the value in remaining single!

You might be thinking, “Maybe you’re being too picky.”

And you’re totally correct. I am being too picky. Why? Because I can be. I see no reason to compromise on things I want at this point. Sure, I’m not getting any younger, but so what? I’m not in a rush or something. I just want to try dating/seeing someone again. But no more settling. Old Me did that, all too often. If someone is going to encroach on my life, for lack of a better word, they’d better be worthwhile.

Ugh. Whatever. I’m going to go to lunch and read. Back to my normally scheduled programming.


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  1. I do not think you are being too picky but I thought you liked “the ones that do are kind of freaky/scary looking (steampunk, geek, nerd, long hair…)”. Not so much?

  2. You have every right to be picky. Don’t give up hope. Your perfect guy is out there, I know it. You will probably find him in the most normal place and then laugh about how you met at the bookstore or something. 🙂

  3. Oh, I meant that when I typed in those things (steampunk, nerd, etc…) the people who came up were just freaky/scary in some way. My type is still my type. 🙂

    It’s true that if the ideal guy for me is out there, I hope to meet him in a cool way. I’d actually be a bit disappointed if it did turn out to be on Match, really… I want a fun “how we met” story if I can manage it. (Match is, I guess, meant to be more of a practicing ground for me. Because OMG, I really am out of practice!)

  4. You are SO right! I had the exact same feeling when I was on Match. SO many bald guys. SO many creepy guys that don’t even read your profile and are SO not compatible in any way! I was just about to sign up again (because I don’t know how else I’m supposed to meet people) and now I realize that it’s probably not a good idea. I’m too picky too…but geesh, why do people think that it’s better to settle than to be single?

    But you’re right, it’s a good way to practice! Plus, you never know…there may just be that ONE guy that is frustrated with all the girls that are really overweight and needy (that’s the complaint I hear most from the guys I know that have been on Match).

  5. I wonder if the “winks” are even real, or generated by the site in an attempt to make you want to commit to the version you pay for rather than the free trial?

    I doubt I’d ever do the on-line dating thing if I were in a single situation. Also, I recall a friend of mine who tried it for a while having complaints similar to yours. She also opted out of dating a guy who expressed interest in her online when talking on the phone to him she heard him say “Anywho”. She had some standards, that one. And that’s just one of such tales I could tell.

    I am now going to reiterate my vote for Events and Adventures (.com!) which does have a program in your state (I looked). I heard another ad for them on the radio today and the DJ was specific to say it’s NOT a dating site or dating setup. It’s a business that plans at least 40 singles get-togethers (of different kinds) per month. Of course, you probably have to pay or purchase a ticket or whatever, but they offer lots of different activities- from wine-tastings to rock climbing and all that. Surely you could check it out, find some events tailored to your interests, go and meet other single people who share those interests… at least…

  6. You KNOW what I’m going to say, here: Give it a chance. For every horror story you hear about Match, there’s another — mine included — that says it’s worth the aggravation. I waded through the “tool pool,” (as my blog can WELL attest), and you probably will, too. Keep your warped (possibly maniacal) sense of humor at all times. Maybe you’ll get lucky right away *without* having to weed through the idiots. Maybe he’s NOT on there. One thing you do know is, every guy you see on there is open to fidnging someone, which is way better odds than “real life.” As with anything else, luck is a big part of it. And there might be someone on there you could be crazy about who you’d never have met otherwise.

  7. Eh, ya know? That sounded kind of preachy.

    I guess what I’m saying is this: If a jerk like me can find love on the Internet, then so can a jerk like you.

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