Titles are the hardest part of this blogging crap.


I have to laugh because week after week, people find my blog through the following searches, in this order:

* Ron Swanson dancing (or Ron Swanson Drunk) .GIF

* Milky Way Galaxy (or galaxies colliding)

* Ben Barnes (or Ben Barnes nerd)

* Tina Fey as a kid

These hardly ever deviate. The Ron Swanson one is actually my favorite, because yes, that IS a funny .GIF. I’m glad people are seeing it.

So anyway, this weekend was interesting in that I stayed at home pretty much the entire time. I was lazy on Saturday, and skipped my team practice at the park in favor of doing a treadmill workout later in the morning. I was going to go, of course, but I just didn’t feel like it when I woke up and it was super hot while it was still dark outside. I am on a new team now, so it will be good to go and meet the new people and stuff. (Maybe I will actually like one or two of them this time!) But, mehhh. It felt humid and gross out. A treadmill, in the A/C, was way too appealing.

I then had a lazy day of just hanging around, watching TV, playing online, reading “The Return of Tarzan” and catching up on some issues of Entertainment Weekly. The strange thing about the Tarzan books is, yes, they are not written well. It’s actually distracting sometimes! Edgar Rice Burroughs is awful at dialogue, even if it’s supposed to be “old timey” dialogue. And the way the guy describes Tarzan borders on homoerotic sometimes. AND YET, I enjoy reading them. I don’t get it. I just know I love the idea, the character of Tarzan, and the themes, and I can imagine the story very well when I read it. I can’t say “go read these books” in good faith, though, because you wouldn’t like them much. My friends who read this blog are used to reading a lot, and reading good things. You’ll laugh at me for liking this trash.

I watched the finale of Falling Skies on DVR, as well as the one episode of Alphas I had DVRed to give it a try. It’s funny– I didn’t like Falling Skies at all when I first watched it. But I ended up really liking it. It wasn’t anything incredibly unique, and it never made me choke up or feel deeply for any characters or anything, but somehow it ended up being a fun diversion. A summer show, for sure. Now, Alphas, on the other hand… it didn’t hold my attention at all. It was such a blatant rip-off of X-Men, it was hard to get into it. Blah.

Yesterday I made up for my Saturday of sloth by devoting the entire day to yardwork. I had to cut the grass, weed, trim the bushes and trees, and rake everything up and even out the gravel. I started at 7:30am and didn’t finish until sometime around 3:00–3:30. I wasn’t working non-stop in that time, of course. In the heat, I had to take breaks every so often and go inside, wipe off the sweat and drink huge glasses of water as I sat in the glorious air conditioning for at least 30 minutes at a time. I was definitely overheating. I ended the day with a bad headache and some dizziness, and my skin was quite blotchy and sunburned (even through the sunblock). But I finished, and the yard now looks beautiful again. For a few days. Soon it will be all messed up again. But for now, I am savoring the results of my hard labor.

I was thinking about how many people would crumble at having to do that kind of physical work, and I felt kind of proud of myself. I have a nice-looking, well-maintained home and it’s ALL because of ME. It’s pretty cool! It is an accomplishment. If only I wasn’t scared of heights/ falling off of ladders, I’d be up on the ladder filling in and fixing the wood and painting the exterior of the house myself, too. It’s the one big thing that needs to be done before the wood totally rots away on the trim. Plus, my house is two different colors– it’s bleached a lighter color on the west and east sides, and a very gold/yellow color on the north and south. It’s clear it has never been painted since it was built.

I didn’t talk about it much on the blog yet, but I had tried to dogsit Indy, X’s dog, this past week while he was on vacation. I picked him up (I brought Hurley along for the ride, too) on Wednesday morning and brought him to my house. It seemed to be going OK until Indy saw the cats.

Holy fuck! He just charged after Simon and cornered him in the hallway, and it was just a mess of yowling, hissing, claws flying and teeth gnashing. I screamed in fear that Simon was about to get really hurt, and somehow Simon dodged his way out of the situation by jumping pretty high up on the wall and jumping past me, where he bolted to the living room to jump up onto the tall cabinet, where Gremlin was already perched with his ears flat, pupils totally dilated. Indy ran in and sat under the cabinet, barking and pacing and whining up at the cats. In the meantime, I realized that Simon had expelled his anal glands all over the hallway walls and floor during the scuffle. Yay. Now it’s a party!

I had to look for kennel/boarding situations. I called X and told him it wasn’t going to work out, and he agreed to pay for boarding. It took awhile to get a place nailed down, but I finally figured it out and drove him down there. X had given me his credit card info to pay for it, but the kennel didn’t want to accept that– they would only accept a faxed copy of both sides of his credit card and a copy of his driver’s license, as well as a written authorization for the charges. SIIIIIIIGH. This was the issue that wouldn’t end. I had to get back in touch with X, who was on the rural coast of Oregon at the time, and tell him to get to a Kinkos or something and send this fax over. He finally did it, but it took two days. Fortunately, the kennel was sympathetic to the situation and didn’t demand payment when I dropped Indy off on Wednesday, even though that is their policy. Whew. I knew I had to get Indy someplace, anywhere, that wasn’t MY HOUSE. My poor boys were traumatized and wouldn’t budge at all up on top of that cabinet until I came home without the scary white demon-dog.

I briefly considered taking Indy to his house and going there three times a day to take care of him, but quickly nixed that when I decided it would be too much hassle and energy to devote to anything X-related. I’m really glad I decided against it!

Well, I tried to do a nice thing… when I didn’t have to do a nice thing, at all. It didn’t work. “No good deed goes unpunished” was a cliche that I kept hearing in my mind last week…

I had to pick Indy up yesterday and take him home because the kennel closed at 2pm, and X wasn’t getting home until 4-something. So I did that, which wasn’t too bad. It got me out of the yard and house for a few minutes, anyway. I got Indy, dropped him and his stuff at X’s place, and went home to finish my yard work. That cool shower and brief nap with an ice pack afterwards was THE. BEST. EVER. Ahhhhhh.

This weekend got me thinking about dating a little. I got an email from Match.com with a promo about 72 hours free and out of boredom on Saturday, I clicked through it. I realized I could create a profile for free, but I wouldn’t be able to contact anyone unless I paid for the service. I didn’t sign up. But, I did make a profile. Just to see what would happen. It was kind of fun to write it, and put my weirdest pictures up there. I was pretty sure no one would notice it or think to contact me. But later on that night, I checked the site and saw that 56 people had viewed my profile within just a few hours! That was kind of surprising, to say the least. I also got a handful of emails and “winks” but I couldn’t do anything about them or even see who did it because I wasn’t subscribed. Anyway, it was kind of fun, even though I am still prejudiced against online dating in a lot of ways.

Why? Well, I met X online, but as friends have pointed out, that was on a free dating site (Yahoo) and the paid ones like Match can sometimes bear better dating-fruit, as it were. Ewww. “Dating fruit.” Forget I said that.

I really, really would MUCH RATHER meet someone in real life, like through a friend-of-a-friend or get set up on a blind date, but that has not happened in the three years I have been single, not even once. Everyone I know is in circles with other married or committed people, so there isn’t ever anyone single (my age) to meet. There are a couple of single dudes my BIL knows, but damn… NO. They are not the dating-type. Some of them are downright freaky and not in that funny, dorky way.

And so, I think I will give it a try for one month. I don’t want to pay for longer than that, and I don’t want to put more time into it, either. It’s more or less a situation of “oh, what the hell? Why not?” rather than a serious search for a serious boyfriend. I don’t need one. Still, it would be cool to not always be the third wheel, or the one person without a date for everything. At the best, I meet a new friend to have fun with.

At worst, I find someone I will need to take to the desert and shoot, execution-style, for his crimes against humanity.

Anything in between? It’ll make for an interesting story.

So yeah, that’s the latest with me. I’m feeling really mellow today. I would like to take a nap, especially now that a sudden headache just hit as I was eating lunch a few minutes ago. I think it’s because it was my company’s year-end party, and it was identical to last year’s year-end party, down to every item on the buffet table (build-your-0wn tacos, ay ay ay!) and the very loud volume in the room as everyone talks while they eat. In fact, I think it’s identical to the one two years ago, too. Unless that was the year we did potluck. Mehh. Anyway, I got a headache after I ate, that’s my whole point. Like anyone cares. I don’t even care!

I want to witness something random and weird very soon. It’s been awhile since I have seen weirdness in the wild. I don’t want to go looking for it, or BE the weirdness, myself: rather, I’d just like to be there when it goes down so I have a new thing to write about/laugh about.


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  1. I am glad you are being yard work girl. You will be much better off when the zombie apocalypse comes, all strong and with cutting tools.

    oh, and…
    uhuhuh, dating fruit. if it makes you feel any better, all of my friends that are coupled off (besides me) got all lame and dont want to go out and do things anymore. we actually struggled to find someone to do something with Friday, Saturday AND last night. couples suck, all nesting an shit. come dancing with me this Saturday. Mebbe you meet a nice boy.

  2. Well I’m glad to read that the problem wasn’t between Indy and Hurley. I hadn’t even thought about the cats… poor guys! and what a bummer!

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